Leon Else: strange, sad, all together wonderful


I’m a full advocate for more men making dreamy, eerie pop music (although categorizing this as pop is debatable) and Leon Else fits this bill perfectly. He’s relatively new–with only 7,000+ followers on Twitter as of this writing–and he has just released a brilliant EP on iTunes (U.S. readers click here) that is full of gloomy songs perfect to drown yourself to.  I say this as a huge compliment. 

Leon’s music is full of dark, confessional lyrics with minimalist beats. He’s at his best with “Cheap Motel”, a song full of shame because Leon is spending the night in a hotel with a girl he’s just met while the one he loves has moved on.

Just as thoughtful as the lyrics is the imagery which Leon pushes with River Full Of Liquor. It all plays out like a stylish thriller and I love all of it.

You can follow Leon here and one of his first fan pages here on Twitter. Also go buy the EP. It’s only $4.


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