iamamiwhoami releases a truly bizarre, lush preview for new album “BLUE”

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I always think of iamamiwhoami as the product of Ellie Goulding and BBC Earth having a baby. All of her videos feature breathtaking shots of desolate places in the world and she typically resembles an alien who crashed into earth wearing haute couture. I actually quite like her for it.

For a while I remember everyone trying to figure out who iamamiwhoami is; she was a mysterious, unknown figure in pop music who sent journalists packages of her blonde hair (with accompanying videos). There was even a rumor that she was Christina Aguilera re-inventing herself as a commentary on pop music after the massacre of “Bionic.” Eventually it was revealed that iamamiwhoami was not a popstar we were familiar with but unknown Swedish musician Jonna Lee. (Brilliant marketing scheme, if there ever was one)

iamamiwhoami is a master at creating a spectacle. Her work is intelligent, living art, so it is no surprise that the trailer for her new album “Blue” is anything less than bizarre and mesmerizing.

I really can’t describe it because quite frankly I don’t even know what is happening in the video. It is captivating though and worth a watch.

She also released this writing that I think only three people are going to understand:


“Blue” is an audiovisual album (much like Beyonce’s) that will be released only through her website on November 10. You can pre-order it here.



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