A new feature I’m starting is looking back at past pop albums that deserve another (or first) listen. Keep a watch for it every few weeks, and if you have any you’d like to suggest please drop it into my inbox! 

I grew up on S Club 7, religiously watched their ABC Family show and somewhere in my parent’s house, still have a VHS of the show lying around. They were simply the best mixed gender pop group of recent memory and it’s a shame some people (*cough* party pooper Hannah) don’t want to do a reunion. That said, after S Club 7 disbanded I moved on to other pop artists and inadvertently MISSED ONE OF THE GREATEST POP ALBUMS OF THE ’00S: RACHEL STEVENS’ COME AND GET IT. This was somewhat easy to do because in 2005 the internet was barely poppin’ and Stevens only released the album in the UK. This year, though, I found the album and I’m fairly shocked by how fresh it sounds.

Pop becomes dated fast. What is trendy right now will be dead and gone in about five years, so it’s easy for pop music to not age well. If you think about it, only a few huge pop tracks still sound as exciting today as they did ten or twenty years ago. Which is why I have replayed the shit out of Come and Get It: it is a proper banger, even now in 2014. Stevens’ voice is strong and sexy. Her music sounds a bit like Goldfrapp and it’s ahead of the EDM trend that would take over in four years.

If you are familiar at all with Stevens’ pop career, you will definitely know her lead single from Come and Get It, “Some Girls.” Stevens’ voice takes on an especially husky tone in this and it gives me strong “Strict Machine” vibes. It’s brilliant and I’d love to hear a remix of it done present day. (I’ve heard it’s about blowjobs, but I have no idea how??)

My personal favorite off this album, though, is “I Will Be There.” It starts out with a bubbly synthesizer (somewhat like New Order’s “Your Silent Face”), and midway through, IT BECOMES ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. I’m serious, I think I cried the first time I heard it;  I can’t even begin to describe how lovely the chorus is. Maybe I’ll have my second wedding dance to it??? (After Kylie’s “I Believe In You”)

The first track, “So Good” is also a close favorite. The track cheekily drops the title of the album at various times during the verses. The beat is pretty sweet too, as is the drop; it’s one of the sexiest songs on the album and sets the tone perfectly Pop Justice especially loved Stevens’ video for this song because it featured “the Greatest Pop Gloves Of All Time” . So there’s always that.

Picture 2 Picture 5

At times Come and Get It is just preposterously bizarre and great as heard with “Secret Garden” and “Je M’Appelle”, featuring a rave synth.

For an album that has mostly been forgotten (this is a travesty), Stevens amassed some of the best producers possible: Xenomania, Richard X, Hannah Robinson and Rob Davis (co-writer of Kylie’s “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head”) and it shows. All of the producers, and Stevens, experimented heavily with this album and it was certainly a risky pop release in 2005. It’s a shame the album flopped and even more upsetting that most people don’t remember it. Stevens should be a much bigger popstar and she should still be making music because I would love to hear what an album would sound like now.

Final verdict: Come and Get It  is essential pop at it’s best and everyone should own it.

TO MAKE THIS EASIER ON EVERYONE, here’s an iTunes US link for the album. GO BUY IT.


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