Last week I wrote about how MAGCON is essentially taking over the world (because the internet IS the world) and Shawn Mendes is one of the safer, more likable stars to come out of this convention.  In fact, I really like Mendes a lot. He has a sweet voice and strikes me as a younger John Mayer or Ed Sheeran. (These are obvious  comparisons but bare with me)

A few weeks ago it was revealed that Mendes had signed with Island Records. Teenage girls everywhere imploded with the release of his single “Life Of The Party” (LISTENING SPOILER: it’s actually not a party song) and the Magcult went on a steady diatribe to make sure it was number one for a solid three days.

This is very impressive when you consider:

A) Mendes had no label promotion.  Strangely, as of right now, there is still no radio promotion planned. As Island president David Massey coyly told Billboard, “We just wanted to give the song to the fans. Of course if radio wants to play it..” I’M NO EXPERT BUT, if you have Cameron Dallas doing your dirty work and convincing Ryan Seacrest to book Mendes on his show THEN MAYBE YOU SHOULD REALIZE WHAT A GOLDIMINE YOU ARE SITTING ON AND GET YOUR PROMO TEAM ON IT STAT. He’s also Canadian and we know what happened with our last Canadian import, right?? Before everything went to hell. B) barely anyone over 17 knows who Mendes is (I am an exception because I am a very serious blogger) C) this is his first single. Somehow Austin Mahone is still trying to get his first number one single on iTunes.

ANYWAY, Mendes released his lyric video to “Life Of The Party” on June 30th and it just recently passed 2 million views on Youtube. Lyric videos have really become the new rage, if you think about it. Ever since Lady Gaga took five drag queens captive for a night and forced them to lip-synch to “Applause” so she could compete with Katy Perry (spoiler number two: she failed hard.), it’s become a rite of passage for every serious artist to release a lyric video.

Mendes’s video is very simple in theory and, also, very intimate. The video is essentially one long shot of him in a cafe writing a letter to the waitress, telling her what teen boys seem to tell every insecure girl in a song: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, PLEASE LOVE YOURSELF, LIVE YOUR LIFE, LOVE, GO READ JOHN GREENE. As the camera pans closer, the song picks up to the point where you can almost visualize the new teen drama that will capitalize on it’s inspirational lyrics and sound with a weepy trailer.

Really, the song is standard at any rate, BUT it is perfectly catered to his audience and his forthcoming EP is being sold for only $4 on iTunes so everything is being played well, in my opinion.

By all accounts, the lyric video is actually pretty sweet and charming. It’s a nice, warm look at Mendes with no frills or whistles. He’s not operating off swag and the atmosphere is very conversational. I’m sure somewhere, in Nebraska or Ontario, a teen girl is weeping as I type this because Mendes is speaking to them with this video.

His fans are actually acting about as maturely as you’d expect with the notion of his imposing fame weighing on them:

Picture 1


Whatever happens with Mendes, expect to see a lot more of him in the future. Billboard Magazine has taken a keen interest in his music and it’s only a matter of time before other critics notice. I’m actually quite excited to see how his EP turns out, but more importantly I’m excited to see where he’s at in a good five years. Give him some time to mature, hone some collaborations and writing skills. I genuinely believe he has the talent to go far, so long as he has a good team surrounding him.

But enough of what I think. Watch the lyric video for “Life Of The Party” and tell me what you think in the comments!

You can catch Mendes on tour this fall with pop’s prom king Austin Mahone or virtually on Twitter @ShawnMendes.



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