BAEWATCH NOW HAS A PODCAST!!!! Also I’m back from non-laptop hell


It’s been like five million weeks because my laptop literally bit the dust a week ago. I think I have never been more distressed as I was last week trying to figure out what to do. LUCKILY I was able to get another one and now I am able to write more blog posts for all of you to enjoy! So I’m very sorry for the nEARLY MONTH LONG DELAY IN POSTS. I also went on vacation and saw Miley Cyrus FRONT ROW!!! Which I will be blogging about shortly.

Anyway on to more pressing matters: I NOW HAVE A PODCAST. If you vaguely follow my blog you can now listen to my thoughts and trivial analyzations on current trends on pop culture. I also spend an absurd amount of time being bitchy and talking about boys with my guests. My premiere episode’s guests are Cherry Cheesecake and Annah, both of whom have their own super cool blogs which you can follow by clicking on their names. It was my first time ever doing a podcast and I have to say, I think it went off pretty well! I’m lucky to have a fucking amazing producer in the form of Gil who runs OAM Audio and he has a slew of other great shows, including Cherry’s own Naked and Nerdy. 

You can listen, subscribe and download my podcast HERE ON ITUNES. You can also find Cherry’s podcast HERE–I’m featured on it too 😉 so please go listen to them both!! I do some dramatic readings and talk about how I want Austin Mahone to be my prom date. Fun stuff, really. 


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