Taylor Swift released a new song today that every white girl in America will love


Remember back in 2012 when only a few people were waiting for Taylor Swift to release her debut single for “Red”? Well, times have changed because after “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” became MASSIVE, Taylor Swift is now kind of a proper popstar. Last week during her U-Stream Swift said she was embracing this title in full force because her next album would be her first complete pop album, titled 1989. And now here we are, Swift has released her video for “Shake It Off” and after one listen I can already tell teen girls everywhere are going to be using these lyrics for every quirky girl caption they post on Instagram for the next 6 months. 

You see, Swift has a knack for writing every-girl lyrics. She understands how teens feel (partly because she still acts like one) and she can verbalize all of their fears, insecurities and arrogance perfectly in her music. “Shake It Off” takes what made the best bits of Red and multiplies it. To put it simply, she’s coming hard for her teen fanbase. This is going to be inescapable in about three weeks so please enjoy the next 24 hours because that’s the last time you won’t be bombarded by this song for a long while.

Swift’s album cover for 1989

I have to give credit to Swift and her producers: they’ve created an extremely catchy and great pop song. It’s like when I heard “Roar” for the first time last year–Katy Perry’s tune had the insatiable “it” factor that means it’s going to be a smash. Swift’s song has that exact dynamite in it. It’s simple, it’s fun, and the video is definitely going to get people talking. Swift plays a variety of different roles in the video from ballerina to b-boy to twerking white girl (this does seem like shade directed towards Miley Cyrus) and she does them all with her shtick of “HEY! I’m awkward! Just like you! (even though I’m gorgeous and have pretty blonde hair)” Once again, Swift knows exactly what her younger fans will want to see: a campy, pretty and still relatable version of themselves. 

In short, white America will love this song. Critics will eat it up. Billboard will once again fall over themselves praising it. And Swift will cry out of shock when she wins the Grammy for Record of the Year in February. End of the story, now go watch the video and tell me your thoughts below:


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