Nick Jonas is the male popstar we need right now


You may not be aware of this but we are in a drought of excellent male popstars. Ten years ago Justin Timberlake was at the top of his game and on the verge of releasing FutureSex/ LoveSounds. (A masterpiece if there ever was one) I was not pleased with his latest effort; it seemed too much like a bloated mess. A bit self-indulgent. And very trite. Austin Mahone is certainly a worthy candidate for the popstar crown, but he doesn’t exactly have the pipes. And really, my qualifications for a good male popstar aren’t that hard:

  1. Look like a model but sing like you’re in church. This means have nice cheekbones. Have some sort of original style. But also sing like you are going to slay the entire congregation with your beautiful pipes.
  2. Have a unique, edgy sound. OR have a few songs that make me cry (Austin’s “All I Ever Need” reminds me of dancing at the Homecoming Dance with your prom king and u just cry because this is the best night OF YOUR LIFE)
  4. Take your shirt off and have nice abs
  5. Don’t take style cues from Justin Bieber. 

WITH ALL OF THIS IN MIND, I would like to nominate NICK JONAS as a popstar all of us should keep an eye on. I wasn’t checking for him until he released “Chains” a few weeks ago and now I’m in complete stan mode. Nick really fulfills every requirement I asked for above. He performed at a gay club last night and Tweeted this emotionally manipulative declaration:

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 12.30.33 PM

(I bought his single as a thank u)


tumblr_nbje9vkq1k1sgbexco3_500 tumblr_nbje9vkq1k1sgbexco6_500


And he is also really some damn good music. “Chains” was so unexpected and out of nowhere for me, and the video was visually stunning. It really gave me a sucker punch as to who Nick is now and what a strong voice he has. I had truly never paid that much attention to him and that quickly changed. 

Today he released his first proper single “Jealous” (apparently “Chains” was a buzz single) and it is continuing the urban, dark vibe. It’s quite good. (Sidenote, the song reminds me of Beyonce’s “No Angel” because they both sing in an extremely high falsetto with a funky beat backing them. This is the second time he’s called to mind Bey for me; the “Chains” video reminded me of her video for “Superpower”) Despite how good it is, I’m expecting Nick to be met with resistance at first. The “Chains” video only has a million views and I don’t see the music he’s releasing being that radio-friendly. Hard nosed bloggers and critics will have a hard time adjusting to Nick as an adult who’s crafting good music, but I would like to push for him to become relevant again. 

Disbanding the Jonas Brothers was the best decision Nick ever made. The group’s brand was holding him back and clearly he wanted to go in a very opposite direction. I’m much more here for Nick the solo star, rather than Nick the front vocalist for a band past it’s prime. It’s incredibly hard for male popstars to find success but I would like to see Nick find some sort of success for the music he’s releasing. I’d like to see a bigger push from his label so he doesn’t go the route of Hilary Duff (RIP) but I have faith that the music will catch on. Nick’s gone a long way to prove himself, and he’s come back with music that is distinctive in style. We should give him a chance. 

You can buy “Jealous” here!  



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