You can watch Shawn Mendes’s new web series “Life on the Road” now


In the past four months, Shawn Mendes has gone from a boy from Magcon to an actual recording artist opening for Austin Mahone. His single “Life Of The Party” is also the number one trending song on Billboard charts right now, so he’s doing pretty good for himself.

The web series follows Shawn as he tours the country in support of Austin’s tour. The first episode opens with Shawn entering the stage to thousands of shrieking fans and him reflecting on the experience in total awe. “The craziest thing,” he says. “is realizing the entire show is in my control now. Everything that happens depends on me.” The three minute episode is pretty fast paced and sets up what touring life will be like for Shawn over the next few months. “I’m feeling pretty nervous and excited right now. There’s just a lot of different feelings running through me.”

Shawn comes across as notably humble, sweet and articulate. The only time he seems to be at a loss for words is when he steps onto the stage for the first time and begins to stammer a bit. Subtitles appear on the screen to enhance the importance of how overwhelmed he is. “This is, uh…” He says, overlooking the crowd, taking it all in. “My first show. Ever. Like this. So, um, alright…” He begins. “I’m gonna play some music for you guys tonight.”

Out of all the boys from Magcon, I see Shawn having one of the most prosperous careers. He clearly gets his cues from Ed Sheeran as he’s commanding his set with only himself and a guitar. He also seems pretty smart for 16 so I think he’ll be a pretty brilliant songwriter by the time he hits 21.

You can watch the first episode of “Life on the Road” below and check out the weekly installments every Tuesday. For a web series used to promote an artist, it’s very well done and well shot. Enjoy!


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