Danity Kane announce a surprise release of their album DK3 post-break up


Last month Dawn Richards prematurely ended what could have been one of the best reinventions of a girl group ever by punching bandmate Aubrey O’Day in a recording studio. The group had been plagued with problems from the start. Two of the original members decided to not be involved; one as soon as the tour started, but the release of DK’s first single “Lemonade” proved to be a fresh, edgy track ahead of many of their peers. Many DK fans’ hopes were lifted until Dawn had to ruin everything by punching the most talented member of the group. 

But last night Aubrey released some very exciting news via Instagram: THE MUSIC IS STILL COMING OUT. On October 27th, DK3 will be released to the world. This is very exciting and fulfilling not only for fans, but also for the original two members who’s dream was sidelined abruptly. Shannon Bex and Aubrey appear to be closer than ever following the dissolution of the group, and it’s exciting that they’ve decided to push forward with the release. “Lemonade” was one of my favorite songs of the summer, and this album could have been something really special if they hadn’t broken up. It still CAN be special, and I’m happy they decided to release the music anyway.

“Rhythm of Love” is a great summer tune and would have made the perfect follow-up to “Lemonade.” But the real winner will definitely be “All In A Day’s Work.” The song was one of the first tracks performed and written by DK over a year ago when their re-invention was first announced. Fans have been waiting a long time to hear this song, and I predict it will be the fan favorite.  Another stand-out track, based on the album sampler, is “Rage.” In the same vein as Miley Cyrus’s “We Can’t Stop”, “Rage” is the quint-essential motto of live it up while you’re young and partying.

It makes me incredibly disappointed to think of what Danity Kane could have accomplished had the group not ended so violently, but it’s exciting that the music will still be released. It would have been a shame for this chapter to never get closure, or for the fans to never hear what the girls had been working on for so long. Judging by the samples and the two singles, the girls have a masterful album waiting to be released. Here’s hoping Shannon and Aubrey continue with more music once DK3 is released.

The album sampler is already online at iTunes and you can take a listen when you pre-order the album.


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