Get ready for Jack and Jack: The Movie

Baes Jack Gilinsky and Jack Johnson (not to be confused with the boring surfer/ singer of the same name) got their start on the Magcon tour, but now they will be releasing their own documentary via the Digitour. The boys were on Ryan Seacrest’s morning show today to premiere their new single Tides (the video is also online now) and talk about their upcoming film, Jack and Jack: The Movie.

“You’re definitely going to laugh and cry,” they explained. “There’s a bunch of drama and fun stuff.” The documentary will feature appearances by Shawn Mendes, Ryan Beatty, Sammy Wilk and Nash Grier. The Digitour has it slated for a December 25th release. This is undoubtably a huge win for social media stars, like Jack and Jack. It is still rather inconceivable to most people in the general public for a movie to be made about an internet-spun celebrity, but if anything the Digitour film could be seen as a testing ground for future films of the same subject by a major studio. If the creators of Magcon were smart, a documentary film would have been made about the original 12. Luckily Digitour picked up where Magcon left off and we’re getting the next best thing.

As someone who has been watching this unfold for the past year, I think it’s fantastic that the Digitour is putting their money and faith into building a brand off social media stars. There should be more concrete examples, like films, of the relevancy of Internet-made celebrities. The film will more than likely be a well designed product sampler of Jack and Jack, but it will also be exactly what the fans want: a light, fun look at two of the biggest stars for teenagers.

Of course, the film is not the only reason Jack and Jack called in to Ryan Seacrest. They also have a single to promote, “Tides.” The song is about keeping your head up “and always looking on the positive side of life.” The video is also going to be a great example of the connection the boys have with their fans. As Jack J explains, “You’re going to see a lot of the fan interaction from the tour and also we went down to Corona Del Mar and shot a bunch of different stuff on the beach, so it’s just going to be a mashup. Its like a hybrid video. We’ve got the music video aspect that we shot and then we have a bunch of fan interaction … kind of promoting the documentary that’s going to be coming out later this winter.”

Big things are happening for the Omaha boys and with an upcoming move to Sherman Oaks, California in the works, I think it’s safe to say that they will be breaking out of the internet pretty quickly. You can pre-order the film here for $4.99, or add on a signed poster for $20.

Also check back tomorrow as I’ll be covering the insanity of the Fam Tour when it hits Nashville. Somehow Wizard World decided Baewatch is good enough to attend as a member of the press. I’m super stoked so keep an eye out for full coverage!


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