7 YouTubers on the rise

At Baewatch I am all about promoting social media celebrities. It’s an entirely new genre of celebrity and debate, with many people not understanding how or why these people are famous. To make it easier for those of you who are new to the famous ones from YouTube, I’ve compiled a list of seven stars I think you should be on the lookout for!

7. Zoe Sugg 

She regularly gets a million hits on her videos, has over 7 million subscribers on YouTube and is generally the older sister no girl should live without. Zoella came of notice two years ago with her beauty guru videos and various challenge videos, some of which she would shoot with her very cute brother Joe.  Since teaming up with the most popular British YouTubers Zoella’s content has both suffered a bit and also taken a massive rise in hits. (This is to be expected, though, right?) What’s next for Zoella? A new fiction novel cleverly titled Internet Girl (ha. ha.) and she’s doing a bit of guest hosting for BBC Radio 1!

6. Caspar Lee 

Caspr Lee is one of the funniest people on YouTube. When he’s not filming terrible videos with the British YouTubers, he is making hilarious content. In the past year alone he’s worked on HBO’s “Sex Therapy”, filmed a movie titled “Learning to Fly”, hosted a BBC Radio show and did his first stand up comedy gig. If he can drop the unoriginal YouTubers he regularly vlogs with, he will get back to his best content.

5. Jack Howard 

Jack Howard is still simmering in the minds of most people. He’s a bit unknown, with only 267,000 subscribers, but he is also one of the brightest and smartest vloggers out there. He regularly speaks up for victims of rape, advocates consent and is in full support of gay rights. He recently hosted his first show on BBC Radio 1 and is the creator of the BEST YOUTUBE SERIES EVER “Project Library.” Jack should do nothing differently because he’s brilliant and I love him.

4. Christopher Bingham 

Chris is probably the least known YouTuber on this list, but he’s making crazy good content. Along with Jack Howard and their team of friends, he’s responsible for the aforementioned “Project Library” series. He also is the creator of “Talk”, a webseries where YouTubers have weekly debates over a broad range of social topics. Chris is regularly pushing YouTube out of the limits for what viewers think it should be used for. And he is one hell of a filmmaker.

3. Mamrie Hart

Mamrie is often overlooked when placed next to Hannah Hart and Grace Helbig. But this needs to stop because Mamrie is an amazing comedian, in the vein of greats from the 60s. She’s weird and vulgar, and she also wrote the script for “Camp Takota.” Mamrie is the creator of You Deserve A Drink, a quick weekly YouTube series where she concocts original drinks with special guests. But where Mamrie really excels in is writing: she’s looking at shooting more films in the next year and I couldn’t be more excited to see where they go.

2. Grace Helbig 

Grace has given herself the extremely hard task of filming a new video eVERY SINGLE WEEKDAY. But she does it very well. This past year Grace shut down her old channel, Daily Grace, started a new one, It’s Grace, and regained her entire 1 million subscribers (plus a few more) IN A WEEK. She also shot her own damn movie “Camp Takota” and released it on iTunes to glowing reviews. If that isn’t enough, Grace has her own talk show coming to E! in the next year and will be publishing a book in a week.

1. Jack and Finn Harries

Jack and Finn started out where most of their contemporaries are still stalled: making challenges and cute fanmail videos. But then they abandoned the typical collaboration videos, cut out the cutesy act and set out to become filmmakers. The results have been incredible. Jack and Finn are responsible for some of the best documentaries on YouTube this year, and it’s even more impressive when compared to their earliest content. Every video they release is thoughtful and beautifully shot. In addition to being filmmakers, the boys run a blog spotlighting online content they find special. I couldn’t be more impressed by how far they come, and I feel like they are undoubtably in for big things.


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