Taylor Caniff announces a few more cities for his RV Tour!

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True to his word, Taylor is traveling the country in an RV, regularly uploading videos chronicling his journey and meeting thousands of fans. And, perhaps not surprising, the tour has been a huge success. It’s a pretty exciting thing to see his idea come into fruition and also to see him stick to his guns about keeping the event free. The first date kicked off in Philadelphia at a bowling alley with over 1,000 fans in attendance and was eventually shut down by the cops. 

I have to also give Taylor credit for keeping calm under pressure. If you are following his videos you’ll see thousands of girls are chasing after his friends, following his RV and generally causing mass chaos wherever they wind up. I think he has extremely good intentions with the tour, and I would imagine he is as shocked as anyone by the massive turnouts his meet and greets have been bringing. If nothing else this tour is a testament to how huge the boys from Vine and Magcon have become. Somehow, and I have no idea how, Taylor has managed to secure venues, security and a large amount of space for these meet and greets. This is pretty remarkable when I felt like he was going to have hold these in Target parking lots for a while.

I’ve had a lot of people ask me where he will be next, and this is what we know for next week:

Cincinnati, Ohio will be on Monday the 13th, followed by Cleveland and Louisville, Kentucky (probably by the end of the week). The easiest way to keep track of Taylor’s dates is to follow his Twitter and subscribe for up-to-the-minute updates. The kid is doing a really great thing with this tour so if you meet him be sure to tell him thanks and also be as respectful as possible. (Like, if he says to move so he can back his RV out–mOVE)

Also, I’ve seen that there will be merch at the dates so bring some extra cash, according to Taylor they help pay for hotels and gas. You can pick up some posters, tshirts and sweatshirts (some of which have been dyed by the man himself~) If you have any questions or experiences you’d like to share, comment in the box below! I’d love to hear more from you guys!

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UPDATED: We have a tentative list of cities and dates!

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262 thoughts on “Taylor Caniff announces a few more cities for his RV Tour!

  1. Can you tell me where Taylor will be in Cleveland on Dec 6? My daughter is dying to go but we can’t figure out where it is. Thank you.


  2. So he will be in Knoxville on the 21st? And will this interfere with school? Will he still be on break because my grand daughter and her friends have been waiting and the 21 is her birthday, so I need to know Please&Thank You.


    1. Knoxville unfortunately is not happening anymore. He posted a newer, updated list that you can find in another post. The first leg of the tour is over 😦 He swapped Nashville for Knoxville


  3. Yes where and what time in Syracuse I want to surprise my daughter for her birthday which is the 11th so this would just be awesome!! TIME AND PLACE PLEASEE!!


  4. So I’m comeing to the one in cinncinattie on the 13th and I was wondering where it was going to be at thank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️


  5. ik hes taking a break this month but my ipod stopped working , when he posts the dates can you please post them here ? i hope he comes to georgia.


  6. I have a serious problem about his tour dates. I live in Michigan and right when he suppose to come he delays it, now he has new tour dates but Michigan is not on there. He basically got me and plenty others hopes up.


    1. Yeah, it was very very unorganized at first. Mostly because Taylor began this tour with no sponsors or outside help so this was a pipedream for him.

      I am sure he will get to you eventually! Just give it time.


  7. Okay. I wrote Taylor a letter saying why i missed the Nashville M&G and he wrote back saying sorry i missed it but he will go back about Jan. 21 so does that mean he is going back to Nashville Jan.21


  8. Hey, I know the date and every thing I need. But if it starts at 5pm can you tell me when it ends? I need to know so I can tell my friends mom when we will be taking her home. (Btw im going to the spokane one if you need that info) Thanks 😊😘


  9. I am going to meet him February 11 and I was wondering if I need to bring extra money (more then the $20 for as signed poster) do I need to order a ticket or something or is it free to enter.?. Please help I am so confused with this


  10. What time does the Spokane WA one end if it starts at 5pm? My friend is taking me and I need to know when it’s iver to tell my mom when I’ll be home so she dosent leave or lock me out… Can you tell me???


  11. So I met Taylor on January 11th 2015 and I just wanna say that it was amazing and it was the Best Day In The Entire World! He was soo sweet and he made me laugh which I haven’t done in forever. He makes me feel like I matter and like I’m loved! Taylor if you are reading this Thanks for everything you have done for me, I ❤ U!


  12. I’m a mother of a diehard Taylor fan. She has already heard he may be in Pittsburgh, PA in April which I’m praying it won’t be 4/16, the one day of the month I can’t bring her. My question is, is this a meet and greet that we will purchase tickets ahead of time like magcon or digitour and if so, will there be VIP tickets? Please let me know, she is pulling a 4.0 GPA this year and I would love to surprise her with this. Thank you so much for your time.


    1. Hi there, I am not aware of when his next tour will start—as of right now I don’t think he has announced any new ones. But all tickets are purchased at the door. The good thing is, unlike Digitour, every ticket guarantees you meet Taylor. Some stops are drawing 200 girls, others are drawing more like 700. Either way your daughter should be totally able to meet him. As soon as he updates more dates I will be posting them here 🙂


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