Exclusive details on Cameron Dallas’s first movie “Expelled”


20-year-old Internet golden boy Cameron Dallas has been hinting for months that he’s working on an acting project and then suddenly it was released: he’s been shooting a film called “Expelled.” AwesomenessTV is producing it–which is pretty freakin genius as they are the leading providers of internet entertainment–and it is slated for a December release.

The premise is pretty simple and classic for any screwball teen comedy: Cameron, plays Felix, a charming teen who can talk his way out of any situation. Felix’s luck comes to an end after three strikes with his school principle and he is expelled. Felix must then go to great lengths to hide his expulsion from his parents.

Cameron isn’t the only Internet star in the film–the entire cast is famous for being themselves online. The costars include Andrea Russett, Lisa Marie Johnson, and Marcus Johns. It’s exciting to see a company like AwesomenessTV, which has over 1 million subscribers on YouTube, invest so much in this new wave of teen/ young adult stars. This won’t be the first time Cameron has worked with AwesomnessTV, either: just a few weeks ago Cameron and Nash Grier shot a short sketch with the company titled “Calling Shotgun” which was surprisingly hilarious.

The film will more than likely be released by way of VOD (Video on Demand) and exclusive online orders. For the moment, though, you can order cute “Expelled” merchandise that includes t-shirts and cell phone cases. If the film releases how I think it will, there will also be packaged deals and if they want to guarantee a LARGE number of orders there will be signed posters or DVDs. (This tactic has worked incredibly well for the Digitour’s release of The Jack and Jack Movie: all the signed posters sold out in days and now they are selling signed cell phone cases, which are about to sell out)

I am really excited to see how Cameron does in an acting role–I think he has enough talent and charisma to pull off the charm of Felix. I’m also thrilled to see a company like AwesomenessTV bank on the popularity of celebrities from the internet are and give them a film to prove their talent. It’s a smart move all around.

For now, not too much has been released about the film beyond a few pictures and a synopsis. But there is certainly hype building on Twitter and filming has just wrapped. As more info comes available, I’ll be blogging about it so keep an eye on Baewatch. In the meantime I have curated a few photos from the movie’s website and you guys are free to comment with questions! Who’s excited for “Expelled”??

Lisa Marie Johnson on set.
Lisa Marie Johnson on set.
Actor Marcus Johns and a member of the crew for "Expelled"
Actor Marcus Johns and a member of the crew for “Expelled”


Cam reading over the script.
Cam reading over the script.



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