Joe Sugg hits 3 million subscribers – a look back at his best videos

2 years ago I watched a really cute video of Zoe Sugg and her stunningly hot brother Joe wearing Christmas jumpers and reminiscing about their favorite Christmas memories. At the time no one had any idea who Joe was, and truth be told, Zoe wasn’t all that famous either.

Flash forward to present day and both Sugg siblings are at the top of the YouTube platform. Last night Joe hit 3 million subscribers. For those of you counting that’s about 2 million more viewers than ABC pulls in on a Sunday night and one million less than Revenge pulls in weekly. Power of the internet, people!!!

Joe has always been one of my favorite YouTubers–he’s stupidly nice and handsome. He makes cheesy yet funny videos and he completes the Suggie brand perfectly with Zoe. Recently Joe was tapped to headline his own episode at BBC Radio 1 and, like many of the other YouTubers, this is just one of many things he has in the pipeline.

For now though, I wanted to look back at some of his best videos (including some of his earliest!) So sit back and enjoy: 

This is the most recent video Joe released and it’s his own version of Radio 1’s amazing Innuendo Bingo. Joe has appeared on Scott Mills’ version (it’s amazing) and you can watch it on YouTube, but this one is also quite funny.

In this video Joe shows off his cooking skills. Not without a little bit of slip-ups. At least his crab looks tasty. (u can cook dinner for me whenever u want, Joe)

Quite honestly the best video he’s ever done, helped in part by Zoe and Caspar Lee. 

One of Joe’s first video! And he’s carving pumpkins with Zoe in the spirit of Halloween. 

Okay, so most of these videos feature Zoe–but it’s because they have such great chemistry together! This is another early one. 

This is on the list solely because of the Kermit impression. Flawelss.

And there you have it! Joe has an absurd amount of videos on his channel, and he releases a new one every Sunday as a part of Sugg Sunday, so there will be plenty more coming. Congrats to him for getting 3 million subscribers!

Share your favorite videos or YouTubers in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “Joe Sugg hits 3 million subscribers – a look back at his best videos

  1. Hi! This is a really awesome blog, just like you, I love both sugg siblings! I would love it if you could check out my blog where I do some Zoella-like hairstyles! It would be much appreciated! 🙂


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