Here are the first official set of venues and dates for Taylor’s RV Tour!!



First of all thank you to EVERYONE who has been commenting and emailing me about the RV tour. These posts have become huge–much bigger than I could have ever anticipated–and I really appreciate how you guys have been reaching out with questions and comments. While I do not work with Taylor, I have been doing a laaaarge amount of work to figure out all of the details of his tour so keep checking back to Baeawtch and filling me in on your adventures! This has literally become the unofficial spot updates for on the tour; if you meet him, tell him to check it out!

And now, on to the part you guys are most excited about: the dates and venues. I would like to note one additional change today (Wednesday) Taylor has switched to the Majestic Theatre in Madison, WI. Do not go to the hotel; he won’t be there. Keep reading for further details! Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 12.02.54 AM


Most of the events have been starting around 5:30–it’s a good bet that this is the time for all of them. If you are unsure, arrive around 4 and just wait around. It’s going to be packed anyway so I recommend getting there as early as possible.

Enjoy and please let me know if you have any more questions or stories in the comments!

PS anyone who buys merch from Taylor’s store tonight (10/21-22 overnight) will get a follow from Taylor on Twitter.


41 thoughts on “Here are the first official set of venues and dates for Taylor’s RV Tour!!

  1. I would really love to meet Taylor ever since I first found out about him was the one that can make me laugh and smile since then I have been praying to meet him I really hope I get to meet Taylor btw when is Taylor coming to California? I really want to meet him🙏


    1. I think he is coming to California? I can’t remember entirely but check my previous post (should be linked in this one) because I have all the tour dates listed 🙂

      Hope you get to meet him! I’ve heard really good things


  2. So for the Reno Nevada event , Taylor had already posted about them being free but then they changed things up a bit so will the Reno one tomorrow still be free or $20 ?(:


  3. I’m like in desperation mode. At some point I need to meet taytay😫💔either in Orlando or in Raleigh,North Carolina. Maybe he can bring his friend Cameron too?😏but honestly…really wanna meet him. It’s been my 11:11 wish since forever.


  4. isnt there more to the tour cuz on something else it shows he will be in indiana on december 22 but it doesnt say where so im very confused!!


  5. Has he released any new dates??!!! I hope he comes to Georgia.! Bc I saw he is but didn’t release dates or anything and I want to plan ahead , I already have my letter for him ready and I’m still not sure if he’s coming, gotta be ready tho.


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