The Most Popular Girls in School launch Indie GoGo campaign to fund season 4

One of the best series ever created, on YouTube or television, is The Most Popular Girls In School. There is nothing funnier or more in-touch with this generation of teenagers than MPGIS. The first season alone is legendary and ever since Deandra’s arm was ripped off in a massively violent girl-fight, it’s only gotten more layered in drama and absurdity.  

If you’ve never seen MPGIS I recommend you stop everything you’re doing and watch it NOW.

In order to make a show that is this epic, a lot of money must be put into it. Thus, a campaign is in place to raise $15,000 by November 15, 2014 to fund season 4. This is one of the few ad campaigns done by a YouTuber/ YouTube series that I can fully get behind–the show is a work of art and in order to make such high quality episodes, sufficient equipment and multiple doll-parts are required. In this season, there will probably be death, as HBIC Brittnay Matthews is preparing for the ultimate revenge against Mackenzie Zales.

Because I know none of us like doing a good deed without a reward, rest assured, there are plenty available for this. My favorite is the DVD boxset for seasons 1-4 and the MPGIS calendar which shows off all of the girls “part-time modeling chops”. Yes, you can finally see what an incredible (or terrible) model Mackenzie Zales is for $65, along with a bundle of other merch.

One of the other best perks is a tour by the show’s creators of the MGPIS studio space in Los Angeles, CA. These donors will have the opportunity to see how the series is made (it is meticulous work creating bitchy Barbies, y’all) and will receive a sneak peak of what’s in store for season 4.

The main point of this is: I hope all of you find it in your hearts and bank accounts to donate. Without YouTube we wouldn’t have a space for a show as raunchy and weird as MPGIS. There are so many incredible episodes that wouldn’t exist without fans’ support and this is a great chance to have an active hand in the creation of your favorite show. MGGIS’s power is the Internet, so let’s fund it.

If you didn’t see my handy hyperlink in this article, please click here to participate and learn more about the campaign!


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