under pressure, logic

An open love letter to Logic

In case you missed it, Logic dropped his debut album Under Pressure last week and it. is. brilliant. Many critics are calling it one of the best hip-hop releases of this year. Logic has released four digital mixtapes in the past four years and in the meantime become an internet/ underground sensation. Under Pressure could propel him to mainstream success, but before all of that happens I want all of you to know how much I love him.



A week. Literally a week has surpassed since I found your “Young, Broke and Infamous” mixtape. But I can not stop thinking about it or listening to it. When I first saw you on the top charts of iTunes I thought to myself, “Who has one of the best album covers in the top ten???” I was so intrigued. I was captivated. Then I did my research.

I found out you come from a home that would be an injustice to even call “broken.” Perhaps the word hellish or unbearable would be better suited. Your mom is a prostitute and a crack whore. Your dad sold crack. Your brothers also sold drugs. EVERYONE IN YOUR FAMILY HAS FUCKED UP. But you. You, instead, chose to channel your feelings of misplacement and rage into music. You took the confusion you felt in being mixed race and laid it out beautifully on “Young Sinatra: Welcome to Forever”. You speak extremely openly about your place in rap, your hunger for artistry and the issues of race in America. Listening to your music in the past week has been like food to my mind. It’s thought-provoking; at times it’s even sexy?

Many people, including me, in my generation are dealing with being broke. We live beyond our means. We like to think we’re more glam than we actually are. You get this; you have lived this life. You come at your music and your fans with absolute sincerity. Looking at your Twitter feed I didn’t see the media blitzed PR campaign of a 30-something, white, snarky manager. I see you. I connect to your humor and candidness. Your boyish playfulness. When the painfully dull  Taylor Swift crossed you at number one, you Tweeted, “#RattPack Y’all gonna let Taylor Swift pass me like THAT?” I giggled a bit. You make me feel like I’m apart of your pack. My heart flutters a bit thinking about it. AND IT’S ONLY BEEN A WEEK?!?!?

The short amount of time it’s taken for me to solidly connect to your music reminds me of how powerful it is. You are not, as many might categorize you, a “white rapper.” Your flow and rhymes are complex. You rap about real shit; not eating pasta on a couch. I respect that. My life is literally nothing like yours but I understand the struggle you’ve been in for years. I, like many other adolescent and young twenty-something boys, can sense the frustration and hunger you feel to make your mark.

u smile, i smile

And let’s not forget hOW FUCKING INTELLIGENT YOU ARE. Watching your interviews, I was captivated by how self-aware you are. By how educated you are, despite the terrible upbringing you had. You’re smarter than some of those private school bitches I went to high school with. Most people who had parents like yours, would fall apart. You’ve thrived. And for thousands of other boys and young men, you’re going to become an inspiration. There is a true sincerity in all of your music and words.

Your music itself takes me back to being child when I first discovered Aaliyah, Wu-Tang, and the Fugees. Your beats are so smooth and perfect for making out. I really find an old familiarity in music that is so new to me. Only really good music can take me back to my younger years and still sound fresh as hell.

What’s most impressive to me though is your fan’s dedication. LISTEN LOGIC, many people can have millions of followers on Twitter and their fans don’t give one crap about them. Take Hilary Duff for example. She has 4 million followers and can’t even get a single into the top 20 on iTunes. The struggle is REAL. But for your 300k fans, they (WE) are making a mad push to show our dedication. I’m floored by the fans who are buying 4-10 albums just to show you support. I’m in awe of how many people are just as connected to you as I am. You have so many fans who genuinely love you and are dedicated to promoting you. That’s something fame can’t buy.

At the heart of it, you just seem like one of us. You’re probably the type I would have met in college at a party when the night was winding down. We’d talk shit and you would make me laugh a lot. I would be captivated by your humor and intelligence. Then I would spend weeks trying to find you again and befriend you. I think so many fans are so passionate about you because they feel like they know you. You feel special to your fanbase who you have lovingly called the #RattPack.

In a few months, you might be playing bigger venues than clubs or theaters. You might even make it to arenas by 2015. This would be incredible for you and I really hope it does happen eventually. It’s only a matter of time before the public discovers what a talented and truly special artist you are.

I don’t have enough money to buy 20 copies of Under Pressure LIKE I PROBABLY SHOULD, but I will be supporting you by buying it. It’s a genius piece of music.




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