Alex From Target has been found; the internet meltsdown

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MAYBE YOU HAVEN’T HEARD BUT a year ago a Tumblr user nonchalantly posted a picture of a boy working at Target who she thought was cute. It has now gained hundreds of thousands of notes. Many girls wondered what had happened to this white boy who was bagging groceries at Target, but for months no one could uncover Alex.

While the inside jokes on Tumblr were funny, NOTHING compares to the white girl implosion that happened tonight when Alex from Target was found on Twitter. For those of you unfamiliar with this internet phenomenon, here is a brief history, live from the depths of teenage hell: 

It has been three hours since Alex From Target has been found (this is his new name now; who needs an actual last name when you are creating a BRAND). Since then he has gained 20k followers on Twitter, 8 fan fictions have been written about him, hundreds of posts have been written on Tumblr to the tune of 1k notes each and there has been a fan blog created for him. LET ME TELL YOU, white girls do not mess around when there is new blood to thirst after.


Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 10.59.05 PMtumblr_nefvgtDc2O1thoy49o2_400 tumblr_nefvgtDc2O1thoy49o3_500


I’m sure by week’s end he will be added to the Digitour or Magcon because this is how the internet works now. Like many people, probably including Alex From Target himself, I am just as puzzled and confused as all of you. Yet I also think the entire mess is hilarious and I am way too excited to see where it will lead. By week’s end will we have Alex From Target hoodies?? Will Target sue his fanbase for copyright infringement? Will he be doing follow sprees??

Whatever is happening it is clearly representative of something larger than a pretty boy who bags items at a department store. I’m still unsure as all of you, but I do enjoy that internet abomination Carter Reynolds might be fading in popularity because of #alexfromtarget: Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 10.56.12 PM

Until Alex begins charging for autographs and hugs, I will continue to laugh and be amused by the power of teenage girls to turn their thirst for boys into tHE TOP TRENDING TOPIC ON TWITTER. I have no idea where this will go, but I can only imagine it will end in a world tour of girls in red and a flood of Target applications in by noon tomorrow.

Well done, internet. Just fantastic work all around to every single person involved in this.

The picture that started a movement
The picture that started a movement

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