Shawn Mendes wants you know something big is happening — cities included!

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 11.26.41 AM

Today, after weeks of teasing, it was announced that Shawn Mendes will be releasing a new single titled “Something Big.” While the single was the first part of the news, on Friday November 7th, a second slither of news will be unleashed and it’s anyone’s guess as to what that will be.

In preparation for this news Shawn has tweeted the link to a map on his site with very detailed, somewhat confusing instructions, for fans in cities “worldwide.” (This is not the Pitbull definition of worldwide) Fans can begin by tweeting #somethingbigishappening(x) with their closest city name, THEN “after school” they can gather their closest friends for a picture which they will post on social media with the same hashtag. Somewhere in there, fans should do some artwork for “Something Big” and pose with that too. I’m really not how all of this will play into Shawn’s big plan but, hey, I know his fans will do it. My guess is the winners from each city will receive free concert tickets.

If you’re too lazy to use the map (and I don’t blame you), here is a list of all of the cities where something big will be happening: 


Vancouver, Canada

San Francisco, California

Los Angeles, CA

Las Vegas, NV

Dallas, TX

Atlanta, GA

Chicago, IL

Minneapolis, IL

Toronto, Canada

Montreal, Canada

New York, NY

Boston, MA

Philly, PA


Mexico City, Mexico

Sao Paolo, Brazil


London, England

Lisbon, Portugal

Paris, France

Berlin, Germany

Stockholm, Sweden

Countries where he’s only visiting one city: 

Cape Town, South Africa



Tokyo, Japan

Sydney, Australia

Auckland, New Zealand

Leave your predictions or questions below! 


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