Cameron Dallas’s new film ‘Expelled’ officially has a trailer and release date on the web

Cameron Dallas is set to become a movie star. Dallas along with AwesomenessTV, the digital focused part of Dreamworks Animation, are slated to release the comedy Expelled next month.

The film is a high school, screwball comedy about prankster Felix (Dallas) who takes one stunt too far and winds up expelled from his high school, Eastwood High. Felix goes to great lengths to prevent his parents from discovering the news and the result is a throwback to 80s teen films. Expelled will debut for a limited run in theaters December 12th in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles. The week following, December 16th, will find the film premiering on digital retail stores and VOD. 

The trailer premiered today, along with a link to pre-order Expelled on the film’s website and Cameron’s fans have already crashed the site. Nice work, guys.

In a smart move, the film features Cameron breaking the 4th wall and talking directly at the viewer. This will resonate well with all of Cameron’s fans who are already accustomed to Cameron speaking to them on his YouTube videos and Vines. I haven’t seen the movie, but it does look like Cameron can pull of a charismatic lead who can charm anyone out of being upset with him. Am I getting some Zack Morris teas???

In a statement to Variety, Brian Robbins, had this to say about the film:

“The movie industry is changing in terms of not only who teens want to see on screen, but also how, when and where they want to watch,” said Brian Robbins, founder and CEO of AwesomenessTV. “‘Expelled’ gives fans of this new generation of stars a chance to see them on the big screen, or whatever screen they prefer.”

It’s my thought that this film will serve as a testing ground for future feature-lengths starring social media celebrities. If the volume of pre-orders are any indication though, Expelled is surely going to be a sleeper hit.

Here’s the trailer below! Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


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