The DigiTour announces Slay Bells tour featuring Sammy Wilkinson

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BACK IN THE 80s, “slay” was a term coined by black drag queens to express excitement and disbelief during a drag ball. Possibly the furthest thing from a drag ball ever is the DigiTour: An event where teenage girls (and some boys) come to watch Viners jump around on stage/ rap/ take their shirts off. Hmm, maybe they are really similar. Anyway, just in time for Christmas is the DigiTour: Slay Bells, capitalizing on teenagers new favorite word: SLAY. I have to admit this was a really clever idea and I might have screamed when I first saw the name. It’s so ridiculous. It’s so gay. It’s so perfect for white teenagers who have no idea that they are using a word CREATED BY BLACK DRAG QUEENS.

(I use the term “slay” on a daily or hourly basis. It’s an important vocabulary word because nearly everything in my life deserves the word slay. That salad was good? SLAY. You kissed a hot guy last night? SLAAAAY!!!)

Probably the only important person on this tour is Sam Wilkinson. Why is he the only important person? Because he was a former member of the Magcon tour and if there is one thing I’ve learned from this blog it is that you guys are absolutely OBSESSED with Magcon boys. He’s also really pretty. And he raps. So really, who cares about the rest. I will list them just because I’m a nice blogger. So the featured talent are as follows: Andrea Russett (she is in the new movie “Expelled” with Cameron Dallas), Brent Rivera, Andrew Lowe, Ricky Thompson, Kenny Holland, Nate Maloley and some guest stars like the truly awful LohanAnthony. But like I said, who cares because Sammy Wilk will be there!

The dates are actually a little random, and I’m very shocked no Chicago, LA or NYC is on the list. Not even an Atlanta date was thrown in. But please read on if you would like them, plus a little more info about the event. 

The most important thing to know is that tickets are $25. Hopefully the meet and greet tickets (which are $99) will include a picture with SANTA and the Viners.

The tour begins December 1st and ends December 23rd. They are as follows:

12/1 – SEATTLE


12/5 – ANAHEIM 

12/6 – SAN DIEGO

12/8 – LAS VEGAS

12/9 – PHOENIX

12/12 – SAN ANTONIO 

12/13 – HOUSTON


12/16 – ORLANDO 

12/18 – D.C.

12/19 – ALBANY

12/21 – HARTFORD

12/23 – BOSTON


Also to everyone reading this, go to Netflix. Search Paris Is Burning. Hit “play.” YOU ARE WELCOME.


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