An open love letter to Sammy Adams


I’ll admit it. I first gave your music a listen because I thought you’re really cute. I made a very quick judgment that anyone this attractive has to have good music, and boy was I right. It’s been a year and a quarter since I first discovered your indescribably amazing single “All Night Longer” and since then I’ve only grown further in love with your music.

You’ve shown us you’re complex. Far more complex than people might think you are at first listen. You’ve shown you don’t give a fuck about the fame, you’d rather be there for the fans. And most of all, you’ve released some really GREAT BOPS that continue to get me through the day. It still stands that OK Cool is the best mixtape I’ve ever listened to. Every single song goes hard. When will every other rapper?!?!?!

You see, Sammy, you consistently grow. Your music is evolving with great beats and lyrics. You pull a surprising curveball when you get serious and vulnerable, like in “I Wish” or “Told You So”. These moments break down the idea of you as just a party boy; they show that maybe we are more similar than someone might expect.

It took me a good six months to fully appreciate how mature your latest mixtape Wizzy is. It’s such a shift from your previous work, but shows just how brilliant of an artist you are. I don’t think I’ve heard a bass drop as dope in 2014 as on “Answers.” Likewise, who the fuck would expect you to sample DISCLOSURE’S “YOU AND ME” or to break out a slow jam as good as “Told You So.” At the end of the mixtape I felt like I knew you a little better.

I think what I like most though is how raw and energetic you are. Your voice is s full of a wild sexuality and you have a boyish cockiness to your flow that makes it all the more sexy. You’re vulgar and funny. More to the point you’re just a great rapper.  I think you speak for any white boy who feels a little horny, is under pressure to become successful and is in the mood to get paid. Whenever I hear you spit verses, I get a lil weak because more guys should be as aggressive and cocky as you. When you followed me on Twitter for no reason other than the kindness in ur heart, my heart skipped a few beats. BAE CARES, I thought in disbelief. You’re hot but you have this rough edge to you. No one should try you, and I like that.

when bae is thinkin’ of dreams

LET’S ALSO NOT FORGET HOW SELF-AWARE AND INTELLIGENT YOU ARE. I was surprised the first time I watched one of you interviews and saw that you are very okay with your place in rap. I was even shocked when you said you don’t really consider yourself a rapper, but a pop star. Your music goes to so many different places and you don’t want to limit yourself, you say. I was nodding my head in agreement. I don’t want you to limit yourself either because I want huge things for you. You’re too talented and pretty to sit at just 227k followers on Twitter. But you also aren’t going to change yourself and become a clean cut, sweet popstar in order to receive more fans. I’ve appreciated that while other floundering popstars have gone to great lengths to spruce up their image you are still Sammy. You aren’t into that bullshit and you make genuine music that is easily relatable.

Despite the fact that someone awful like Cody Simpson has a million followers, you have fans who are actually DEDICATED. Who actually gives a shit about Cody Simpson at the end of the day?! Are any of them glued to their Macbook waiting for his next mixtape to drop? No they’re not because he sucks. Go to any YouTube video of yours and you’ll see scores of positive, supportive comments. The fans you have, while smaller than some artists, are fiercely supportive of you. Your merch sells out, you get a solid 2 million views on every video you release and you get to play great shows. These fans will stay with you until you’re on top. That’s something many musicians would kill to have.

You also fight for the underdogs. I was floored when I heard you shout out your gay fans (like ME) on “Waste”. You understand what it’s like to come from a somewhat middle class background and have the hunger to succeed. You’ve also been through your fair share of bad decisions and partying, like all of us, and you’ve come out all the more smart. Sometimes you really surprise me with how positive and uplifting your music can be. When you get real and vulnerable, I connect more with your music than most artists.

At the end of the day, Sammy, you’re incredibly talented. You are gracious, and you’re going to eventually make it huge. I’d like to put my stake in knowing you since the beginning. At some point you will have your huge moment and finally pop into the mainstream. You’ll release the most bad-ass LP of the year, and you will gain so many fans. You’ll also finally knock Macklemore off that trophy shelf.

Until then, it’s been a hell of a ride so far and you’ve provided many great soundtracks for my year. 2015 is going to be sick. Make me proud.




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