Norwegian pop star Tone Damli has released a Christmas album

If you are not a pop music connoisseur like me then you may not know how absolutely fantastic and amazing Tone Damli is. Tone is a 26 year old Norwegian pop star who has released some bops like “Look Back” and “In A Perfect World” (in that video she wears a head piece and dances around cacti; it’s mesmerizing). A week ago Tone released Di Første Jul (Your First Christmas) on iTunes in Europe and while I am still trying to get ahold of it, from what I’ve heard it’s a great record. 

Di Første Jul marks the first time Tone sings in her Norwegian language and with her Norwegian accent, notes writer Christer at Christer’s Corner. The album was released on November 7th and although some critics have not been too kind  Tone notes that the album was written for her seventh month old daughter Billie. (How can you hate on A Christmas album that was written for a woman’s daughter???)

tone damli,  Di Første Jul

In a statement released on her blog, Tone writes, “I am humbled and proud of the opportunity I had to work on this album with Sony Records. Most importantly it is actually sung in my dialect and I love it. I hope that it will get you into the holiday spirit, and enjoy the nice times we have in store. Christmas is magical!” Proper sweet and festive, ey?

Anyway if you are feeling Christmassy pop over to iTunes and snag a copy or listen on Spotify where there is an exclusive Spotify-only track. Then go listen to her other music because it’s so amazing.

If I ever find the record I’ll write a really lovely review~~ Seriously if you know where to order it link me 


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