Yesterday I did some digging and found “Anaesthetic”, a beautiful, new video from an upcoming artist named Thomston. He shares a manager with Lorde, and in many ways their music is very similar. (I’m sure this time next year, when Thomston is enjoying his first bout of success, he will be sick of this comparison) The video for “Anaesthetic”, though, has Lorde beat by a mile. Thomston is still very under the radar: his video only has 13,000 views as of this writing and he has 1,000 followers on his Twitter account. (His Tweets are quite funny, if social media is your thing). I don’t predict this anonymity will last for long.

I rarely (if ever?) see a video from a male pop star like “Anaesthetic.”  It’s edgy, dark and features some pretty top-quality costumes that look straight from a fashion week. I know very little about Thomston other than he is 19, from New Zealand and he looks like a European prince from the 20th century. He has amazing cheekbones, wispy blonde hair and he pulls off every melodramatic outfit his creative director puts him in for this video. Nick Jonas who, tbh?!?!

Thomston’s first EP is on iTunes now and, thank God, his label is smart enough to release it to American listeners like me. The set of tunes is called Argonaut which lets you know Thomston is very smart because some of us had to Google the meaning of that word.

PLEASE HAVE A LOOK AT THIS VIDEO. I predict we will be hearing a great deal about Thomston in 2015 in the same way we did about Lorde last year.

Also go buy his EP on iTunes. It’s worth the cheap price.  (KEY SONG: “Caffeine”)


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