‘Expelled’ star Lia Marie Johnson has a new single out today

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It’s been a big day for Expelled star Lia Marie Johnson. Today the film was released on iTunes, the film’s website and all digital retail outlets for the sweet price of $9.99. By the afternoon Expelled was sitting at the number one spot on iTunes. Unexpected? Not if you have been following the mad frenzy surrounding the film’s release.

But a new film isn’t all that Lia Marie has to be excited about today. After a week of heavy promo and an impromptu Q&A on Twitter, Lia released her first single “Moment Like You” on iTunes. Those fans who were able to catch Expelled in theaters this past weekend might recognize the tune because it’s featured in the film. “Moment Like You” is a dizzy mix of electronic beats and Lia’s made-for-pop voice. Quite frankly it’s really great song with a relatable theme: not being left alone on the dance floor by the boy you have fallen so hard for. What I like most about the song is the mix of an acoustic guitar and the dance-pop vibe. It shows great potential from a girl who could become a really lovely pop star. This is fitting because Lia is currently working on an album that should be released some time next year.

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The song was up for pre-order a week ago, and Lia has found a large round of support from the Expelled cast and AwesomenessTV.  The song is only 99 cents so really you have no reason to not buy it.

So please give it a listen and let me know your thoughts in the comments. And while you’re at it, give Lia a follow on Twitter: @LiaMarieJohnson. And as you should know by now, Expelled is OUT NOW. The cast is full of YouTube and Vine creators including Cameron Dallas, Andrea Russett, Lia Marie Johnson, Marcus Johns, Michelle Glavan and Teala Dunn, as well as Matt Shively (Nickelodeon’s “True Jackson, VP”). I’ll have a review on the film in the next day or two so keep your eyes peeled for it.

Moment Like You iTunes link 

Expelled iTunes link 

lia marie johnson, moment like you
Lia Marie in a recent photo shoot

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