A look at the upcoming spring/ summer 2015 season at the Orpheum

All About The Boots: Kinky Boots will be heading to Memphis this year.
All About The Boots: Kinky Boots will be heading to Memphis this year.

If you read Baewatch and you’re based in my amazing hometown of Memphis, TN then it might interest you to know what fantastic live theatre is going to be produced this spring! The Orpheum Theatre is at the forefront of housing incredible Broadway shows and the spring season has shaped up to be pretty spectacular. I have always loved theatre, and I’m a huge supporter of the work the Orpheum does in Memphis to strengthen the city’s cultural education. I will be reviewing many of these shows–specifically the ones that will appeal to the teen audiences–so please, read on for my full guide at the last half of the Orpheum’s Broadway season!

THE LION KING (February 3-March 1st) 

Who doesn’t love The Lion King?!?!? It is only one of the best shows in Broadway history. It transcends genres and fanbases with it’s incredible costumes and music. It will make grown men cry. You probably grew up watching the movie, but if you haven’t seen this musical live then you are in for a huge experience. The show also boasts the longest run of the season, clocking in at just under a month. So there’s really no reason you should miss seeing it.


This is technically not Broadway, but it’s still going to be a perfect appetizer (or desert) to the movie. (FUN FACT, I WILL SUFFER THROUGH THE MOVIE TO SEE RITA ORA CLOMP HER WAY THROUGH THE FILM) The musical explores the infamous relationship of Christian Grey and Anastascia Steele through the eyes of three women at a book club meeting. It’s naughty and hilarious. I also wouldn’t recommend seeing this if you are under 18. 😉

I can't help but wonder why this wasn't created for Twihard Moms??
I can’t help but wonder why this wasn’t created for Twihard Moms??

KINKY BOOTS (May 19-24th) 

Inspired by a true story, Kinky Boots features a score by Cyndi Lauper and some fab drag queens. The musical won Best Musical at the Tony Awards (along with five other honors) and tells the story of a failing shoe factory owner who works to turn his business around with the help of Lola, a sultry entertainer who desperately need new stilettos. If you are gay, a teenage girl or you like martinis then I suggest you buy a ticket for this immediately.

MAMMA MIA (June 19-21st)

The mother of all feel good Broadway shows, Mamma Mia will make it’s return to Memphis this year for three nights only. A few years ago I had the chance to see this from a balcony seat very high up, but even in those seats I could feel the energy and love from the show. It’s truly one of my favorites and it is even better than the film. Also who can resist some amazing ABBA tunes!?

MOTOWN (July 14-19th)

Motown is a story of an American Dream. But this is not a white American Dream. This is an inspiring one. This is the story of Motown founder Berry Gordy’s life from heavyweight boxer to heavyweight music mogul. Along the way, the artists he signed created “a soundtrack of change in America.” The show features over 40 classic songs, and is perfect for anyone who is wary of typical Broadway-fare.

STOP in the name of love: Motown croons it's way to Memphis in July.
STOP in the name of love: Motown croons it’s way to Memphis in July.

And that about wraps it up! Along with their Broadway season, the Orpheum will host some great concerts (SARAH MCLACHLAN, I MIGHT WEEP) and original entertainment by the city’s own orchestra (Disney Live In Concert) so I encourage all of you to head over to their website and take a look at all of their events.


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