Glozell, who risked her life in the cinnamon challenge, interviewed Pres Obama today

Glozell, superstar of YouTube who drinks cereal out of the bathtub, interviewed President Obama today and gave him green lipstick to pass along to Michelle Obama. It will probably become my favorite moment of 2015. Glozell was selected, along with Hank Green and Bethany Mota to interview the president and posted a wonderful reaction video which you can find below. “I have been selected to interview thE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!” She shrieks in the reaction video. “I’m so happy I’ve watched every episode of Veep,” she sighs happily.

Glozell asked some really thoughtful questions tackling online security, gay marriage and racial profiling. I was impressed and not surprised by how well prepared she was. Glozell has always stuck me as a brilliant person (and actress), and she had a knack for phrasing the questions simply but intelligently enough for her younger viewers to understand perfectly.

While many people will, of course, call this beneath President Obama to be interviewed by YouTube stars, I admire YouTube and the White House administration for connecting with this generation on such a genuine level. So many teenagers will tune in to this video simply because Glozell, Hank Green and Bethany Mota interviewed President Obama and perhaps they will be more informed as a result.

Glozell’s best questions came when she pressed Obama about what he can do to keep white officers from shooting more innocent black men (her eyes glaring into him as he defends white cops is a magical moment) followed by her question on gay marriage. “Two people who love each other and respect each other and aren’t bothering anybody else,” Obama answered on the gay marriage front. “Why should the law treat them any differently?”

“There’s no good reason for it,” he continued. “And as a consequence I hope the Supreme Court comes to the right decision… People’s hearts have opened up on this issue.”

My favorite question, though, came when Glozell asked Obama what he hopes his legacy will be for his presidency. After a deep breath, he lists his accomplishments. “Well, we saved the economy that was on the brink of depression. We’ve created 11 million new jobs. We’ve reduced pollution. we’ve made sure more young people can go to college. We’ve given 10 million people health insurance that haven’t had it before. We’ve ended two wars in a responsible way.”

“Once I’m done,” he concludes. “I’ll be able to look back and see what the legacy will be. But until then, I want to make sure everyone in this country can succeed.”

And then in probably the greatest moment in YouTube history, Glozell handed President Obama green lipstick for Michelle and his two daughters. “I’m going to have Michelle try this out for me tonight,” he quipped.  It was a winning moment, and one that solidified that anyone can be given a chance to hold their own and prove themselves–against the President of the United States, no less–if they are true to themselves.

You can watch the interviews below, and if they interest you I highly suggest you research more into the questions and topic discussed.


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