Cameron Dallas and Nash Grier are shooting a new movie called ‘The Outfield’

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Continuing a streak of direct to digital release movies, Cameron Dallas has begun shooting The Outfield with Nash Grier.  Little to nothing is known about the film other than it is being released by Fullscreen Films, you can sign up for the mailing list here and I’m tempted into thinking Cameron and Nash will become the Mary-Kate and Ashley of this generation. Does anyone remember the twins endless amount of direct to DVD films that seemed to get more ridiculous with every new plot, but seemingly all served as star vehicles for the stars? No?? Just me?

Anyway, based on the social media for this film (and if I’m a betting boy), I would say the film will be about this: Nash and Cameron portray two baseball players who delve into hijinks in their high school. Slapstick comedy ensues. Someone makes out with a girl. A championship is won. The film will make millions off the name alone. Who cares about reviews! According to TubeFilter, the film will launch Fullscreen’s feature films division and could serve as testing ground for future films starring YouTubers. The company already has a documentary on O2L in the can titled ForeverO2L which will be released this year.  TubeFilter also has a slightly more mature take on the plot of the film: “The Outfield goes into production this week and will tell the story of a group of varsity high school baseball players who must learn to make difficult, growing-up choice both on and off the field.” Well, that’s all good and well but I doubt it will be that deep.

“Fullscreen has always been deeply committed to empowering online creators. It’s in our DNA,” George Strompolos, Founder and CEO of Fullscreen is quoted as saying ina  statement. “Fullscreen Films takes our mission to the next level as we look to create several ambitious feature films with many of today’s brightest creative voices. This is what audiences have told us they want and Fullscreen is prepared to deliver.”

Surely, the success with AwesomenessTV has spurred on their confidence in delivering films with online talent, right?

I’m sure in the coming weeks more details will emerge so stay tuned!


20 thoughts on “Cameron Dallas and Nash Grier are shooting a new movie called ‘The Outfield’

    1. Wow what’s your problem stop hating on the best people ever screw you and if you hate them so much don’t look at there stuff?




  2. Hey! I’m frecnh so that’s hard to find information on the “french google” so, does anyone know when the film will come out? Thanks 🙂


    1. The movie will be coming out in October in the US, but i dont know when in France. I think the movie will be going world wide, so maybe in October for you also!! 🙂


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