Colleen Bailey (Miranda Sings) guest hosted the View last week and kept it classy

In today’s WTF news: Colleen Bailey, who is the absurd character of Miranda Sings, guest hosted the View on January 22nd and everything seemed to go off without a hitch. Last week was a huge week for YouTubers beginning with three of them (including Glozelle) interviewing Barak Obama, and ending with Colleen’s stint on The View. Colleen was notably asked to guest host due to her 3 million subscribers on YouTube and the probable young audience she would bring in out of curiosity.

After the show was over, Colleen retreated backstage to answer viewers questions that were submitted on Instagram during the show. You can view the lovely video below:

Most of the questions were a healthy mix of funny and serious, but nonetheless it was exciting to see Colleen in such a high profile setting doing a regular YouTube Q&A. While I’m sure most of The Views audience has no idea who Colleen is, and would never understand Miranda Sings (even, I, sometimes do not understand her……) I do feel like this adds another leg of credibility to YouTubers as a whole.

Someone uploaded the entire episode to YouTube so those of you wanting to see how Colleen fares with the likes of Rosie O’Donnell can watch it below. Quick review: she does very well and doesn’t get attacked once!


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