Gigi Gorgeous is my new Vlogger obsession

gigi gorgeous, puppy, youtube,
Gigi and her puppy

Don’t let Gigi Gorgeous fool you. On first glance she might seem like your typical beauty vlogger who fades into the background of the queens of YouTube, but she is incredibly bright, intelligent and hilarious. I found Gigi by chance while watching a GloZelle video. “RECOMMENDED FOR YOU: My Vegas Sugar Daddy Experience” kept popping up in every damn video I watched. “What are you trying to tell me, YouTube?” I thought. I finally gave in and clicked the link.

Gigi, recounting her experience of dealing with a man who wanted to pay her for sex, came across as brazen and strong. She’s funny and candid. And she knows her self-worth; something she pushes onto her viewers whenever she gets a chance. What I found most intriguing about Gigi is that she’s transgendered and does not filter herself to appeal to the YouTube masses. She’s a wonderful alternative to LGBT YouTubers who are parodies of themselves and the gay community.

“Sometimes I feel a lot of pressure being transgendered and being feminine,” she said in a recent video titled “Relationships, Pressure & Sadness”. “I just want to be me. I feel like there’s a lot of pressure to live up those things that society sets for me.” Gigi has over one million subscribers and I think there’s something wonderfully artificial and real about her all at once. She looks like a Barbie doll but her videos and message is completely transparent. She could easily be a model for Moschino, but she has a candidness to her videos that make them intimate and at times really funny.

Gigi, like Trisha Paytas, is entirely self-aware of her larger than life personality and plays it up to maximum volume in her vlogs. For gays who like their women completely outrageous, she is mesmerizing and hilarious to watch. Her use of gay vernacular doesn’t come across as completely inauthentic or ploying (like it does from Tyler Oakley), but as someone who lives and breathes the LGBT community.

I really can’t say enough good things about her, because I want to see more transgendered YouTubers get their credit. For someone who has one million subscribers, I’m surprised I’m just now discovering her, but apparently many of you have been on this train for a while now. Gigi joins a special place in the adult section of YouTube that I love. She’s explicit and ballsy so she should would never appeal to teens, but she’s a great case for why YouTube is still perfect entertainment for anyone over 20.

SERIOUSLY HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE HER? She’s everything that’s great about YouTube and the freedom of making your own content, all rolled up into one person. If this is your first time discovering Gigi as well (ur welcome), what are your thoughts?? Tell me in the comments below!


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