Charlie McDonnell has a jar of love and it’s very cute

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 12.47.04 PM

YouTube’s biggest teddy bear Charlie McDonnell was not having a good day this week. He was feeling very sad and depressed so he scrapped the latest video he was going to create, and instead went for a jam jar. WHAT IS IN THIS JAR, YOU MIGHT ASK? It’s actually the best thing I’ve seen all week and it made me smile, so this is why I am making a gratuitous blog post about such. (Sidenote, is there anyone on YouTube as cute and cuddly as Charlie McDonnell? I THINK NOT)

Charlie’s videos always have a knack to make me smile. Since he began vlogging in 2009, Charlie has kept the integrity of a good vlogger intact. And this week’s video was one of his simplest and sweetest. Charlie presented a jar one of his fans gave him which had “50 reasons to love charlieissocoollike”.

“If you ever need a pick me up, or are ever curious as to what’s inside, open this up for a metaphorical hug from your fans,” read the note given to Charlie, along with the jar. The reasons went from the way Charlie says the word “guacamole” to his “cute booty.” The video, clocking in at 3:35 (the length of a perfect pop song–historically proven), is quick and charming. It’s to the point and is a metaphorical hug from Charlie back at his fans. “I’m in such an amazingly lucky position that if I am ever feeling down, I have people who want to make me feel better,” he concludes at the end of the video. “So I hope I can still do that as well.”

With so many fans lately proving how batshit they can be when given close access to their favorite YouTuber or Viner, it is refreshing to see a video about a fan relationship that is beneficial and healthy. If any of you ever get a chance to meet your favorite celebrity, please take note and make it a positive experience for everyone.

Kudos to the fan who did this; Charlie later identified her on Twitter, and here’s to more videos like this from Charlie that leave me a little happier than  when I first hit play. As a sidenote challenge, write a jar of love to yourself and discover 50 things you love about yourself. (BAEWATCH CAN BE INSPIRING SOMETIMES!)


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