Thomston has an excellent new song on the world wide web now

I’m a few days late with this, but better late than never. Thomston, who released my favorite video of 2014, has released a new song this week called “Collarbones.” Fader Magazine’s website was bestowed the honor of releasing the song on the 23rd and damn is it good.

Thomston described the meaning of the song in an email to Fader as this: “This song is my last summer. It’s about a friend in a rough place, and feeling completely out of your depths, not knowing how to help. It’s about wanting to live in a state of blissful ignorance. She’s okay now, though.” 

“Collarbones” is smooth and seductive R&B–it’s a triumphant successor to “Anaesthetic” and is a precursor to his new EP Backbone being released April 20th. Comparisons to Lorde will be in plenty, which I feel is pretty cheap, but Thomston is so much more than a Lorde comparison. He’s smart, he’s young and he’s one of the few boys in the game releasing interesting music that’s just as rich visually. I can not wait for the video and I can only hope it surpasses how magical “Anaesthetic” was.

Check out the song below:


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