Taylor Caniff is rolling out a world tour in April, tickets will be on-sale this week

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Taylor Caniff will never stop touring. As long as girls keep coming and paying to meet him, he will be on tour. While the RV Project was respectable in theory, it was a bit of a mess at times–Taylor constantly arrived late to dates, he kept his sunglasses on through multiple meet & greets, and he RARELY promoted. Not a great look for someone who’s fame is built on fans. For this new tour, tentatively called Odd Rhyme (Twitter bio: We are odd), Taylor will be playing exclusively clubs and music venues. The tour starts April 14th and will probably only have 500 tickets available for each venue.

UNLIKE the RV tour, if you want to meet Taylor it’s going to cost you $75. General admission passes are $20. Tickets will be pre-sold so you can rest easy knowing that you will for sure be going to this. Now the question is, do you really want to pay $75 for a kid who will more than likely spend 30 seconds with you and might not even bother to talk to you? The stories I heard from many fans at the RV tour M&G’s were a little bleak so proceed with caution if you buy that pass.

Lastly, if you are an international fan you will be able to attend this tour too–England, South America Brazil and India are all on this itinerary.

The cities and dates are as follows:

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 2.37.26 PM

Also Taylor would like you to know this isn’t a “sissy” tour:

Still no word on when tickets should go on sale.


33 thoughts on “Taylor Caniff is rolling out a world tour in April, tickets will be on-sale this week

  1. What is the difference between General admission and vip, and what time is the one in Pittsburgh and where. I am so confused when do we buy the tickets?? And do I buy them on here. But the most thing I’m confused about is I don’t know wich one to get, please explain general admission and vip to me. Thanks


    1. Noo you don’t buy them here 🙂 Baewatch is just a blog like any other entertainment blog. You can buy them at oddrhymetour.com
      The difference between general admission and vip is this: GA just gives you access to the show like any concert. YOU DO NOT MEET TAYLOR WITH THIS TICKET. VIP gives you a pre-show meet and greet with taylor and whoever is on the stop with him. You also get into the show. Hope this helps:)


  2. Just curious – what exactly does Taylor DO to entertain on this tour? Is he a published singer? Actor? What is the “show”?


    1. He’s not a singer or actor — he’s a Viner. He got his start making six second videos on the app Vine and then went on tour with other Viners which exploded. For that reason I can imagine his live “show” will be very strange


  3. What time does the NJ show start? And if my parent comes do I have to buy them a ticket. Because I got VIP already just for myself.


  4. I was wondering if you could just buy the VIP upgrade and go to the meet and greet and not go to the show? Please respond because unfortunately I am not able to afford 75$ but 50$ is more reasonable because I just want to be able to meet him.

    Thanks xx


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