Tumblr’s #Blackout is the most beautiful movement of 2015

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Whenever someone tells me social media is useless or connecting with strangers over the internet is “weird”, I like to show them examples of the extremely positive ways social media has increased our self-worth. Today’s #Blackout day on Tumblr is probably the strongest example of recent memory.

A few weeks ago it was proposed by a Tumblr user to devote an entire day to celebrate black people in all shapes, form and beauty. The goal was to fill up every Tumblr user’s dashboard with selfies from POC and validate how gorgeous each and every one of them are. On the surface perhaps this sounds a bit shallow…. Until you read some of the stories that are attached with the selfies. For many people with disabilities, skin conditions or painful insecurity the onslaught of notes and compliments was overwhelming in the best way possible.

I’ve decided to let the pictures and words speak for themselves by posting a few of my favorite stories and selfies. I have so much love and respect for everyone who participated today. You all have inspired me and have also made me fall in love with all of you.

Feel free to comment with more!

Tumblr user lareinadecorazones writes:


So, if you read my last post, you already know that my grandfather died today, and I’m in pretty bad shape.

I was going to pull myself together long enough put on nice makeup and a cute outfit to take a blackout selfie, and try and forget about his death. But, I couldn’t bring myself to do that just yet.

However, I still wanted to participate in the Tumblr Blackout, because I think that it is so important. Seeing all these black people on my dash being beautiful and being hailed as such is too much love to even articulate. Thank you for this.

So, here is my blackout selfie. Tears and all. No makeup. Not hiding it. He’d want me to smile even if it’s only for a second, long enough to take this picture.

Many media outlets have already picked up on the lovely eldiabloszone‘s story:


Sorry I’m crying. As someone in my position; Bisexual, disabled (hearing impaired), not confident in my appearance, and struggling. I tend to avoid posting pictures for a movement. Even if it is one meant to motivate, inspire, and more.

However after seeing some pictures of other African-Americans in similar positions as myself…after some thought I built up the courage. Thanks you all so much for #blackout

Gorgeous blogger slimbit kept it simple but touching in her #blackout post:


Thank you for whoever started the #Blackout. I’ve never seen so many beautiful black people loving one another ❤💋

Who says Barbie has to be white and blonde? Thanks, aeon-fux:


some of my stronger #blackbarbie looks to date

The beautiful  went the fuck AWF


shot by thatwhiteshameremu
edited by moi

I have never in my entire life been this comfortable in front of the camera. As someone who was teased and bullied most of my life, from peers and abusive family members I can finally feel confident in saying I GLO’D THE FUCK UP!

 and I have similar sentiments:


Too late for Blackout? S/O to everyone who loves their skin, seeing all these beautiful black people posting positive messages today was inspiring. Y’all are bad as fuck!!

Muslim user  had this to say:


healing black muslim girl

recovering from Self Harming and an Eating disorder

today I feel beautiful


iridessence has a message for The Weekend:


I don’t know if the Weeknd cares for his fat fans, but I’m proof that he should.

And finally, dboybaker on the beauties of black skin:


This is one of my favorite pictures of myself because you can see how starkly different colors the sun makes my skin change.

This was from the summer I lifeguarded, so my arms and the back of my neck were craaaazy dark, my torso got regular amount of sun on weekends, but further down there was no sun. Shows all my shades


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