For $100,000 Ansel Elgort can take you to prom

Prizeo campaigns are a really expensive way to possibly hang out with your favorite celebrity in exchange for donating some money to charities. Prizeo understands that the average teenager probably doesn’t care about people dying of thirst in Africa, but they DO care about meeting the latest teen heartthrob Ansel Elgort. And this campaign has probably the most absurd option possible: for $100,000 you can have Ansel Elgort as your date to prom. ONE HUNDRED. THOUSAND. DOLLARS.

LISTEN, I know Ansel is cute and I also know that is a hell of a lot of money going towards charity–which is much needed–but I don’t think I could bear to tell my friends how much my parents paid to buy my prom date. And as this is Hollywood, God knows the date would probably be overseen and meticulously planned by Prizeo and Ansel’s management. He’s not just going to show up at your house with a corsage and watch Black Beauty with you after the dance. But on the other hand, whoever’s parents does pay this amount will get the honor of having their child’s face plastered all over Ansel’s Instagram and receiving life threatening Tweets from TFIOS fangirls.

Prizeo is a really wonderful way for celebrities to draw attention towards charities and social issues in the world, but for the love of God, do you really have to make everything SO EXPENSIVE? A signed photo for any campaign is $100. When I was seventeen I wrote celebrities all the time and got signed photos back for free because I included a self-addressed stamped envelope. If you want a celebrity to shout you out on Twitter? That’s $500. Nevermind that Ansel does a pretty swell job of keeping up with fans on Twitter anyway.

I suppose the way I see it is, Prizeo could possibly lower the prices to make these campaigns more accessible to fans who are more….middle class. The charities are a great thing, but really who the hell has $100,000 laying around to give to Prizeo so Ansel Elgort can take their daughter to prom?

If you want to read more of what you are donating to, then read Ansel’s statement below:

Hey guys!

Thanks for coming to my Prizeo page! For my birthday this year, I wanted to do something different and special…and so here I am, to raise money to help provide safe, clean drinking water and proper sanitation to people that only have access to dirty, disease-ridden water.

Did you know that $25 can give 1 person in Swaziland water for LIFE? It’s crazy! And we can help!

So here’s what I’m saying: if you do this with me, you can help save lives AND earn yourself a chance to win a trip to join me for a lunch date, on location, for one of my upcoming projects. We’ll have so much fun together! You can bring a friend, and I’ll get you roundtrip flights from anywhere in the world and hotel accommodations for both of you.

I put together some cool 100% guaranteed rewards for you too, including signed photos and Twitter shoutouts, so please check them out below. You can also tweet about the campaign, post about it on Facebook, wherever – use your unique link to tell everyone you know about the campaign, and earn extra free entries along the way!

EVERY dollar helps, so whatever you can do, please do because it all adds up – and the goal here is for us to make a difference TOGETHER!



I do encourage all of you to donate because, hey, it is for a great cause and Ansel is by all accounts very sweet. And if you win a lunch date with him after only paying $50, my hat is off to you. But for the love of god, Prizeo, stop with the ridiculous prices.


6 thoughts on “For $100,000 Ansel Elgort can take you to prom

  1. Hey Braden I found out that Eleanor Senior has won the lunch date with Ansel Elgort and the campaign has ended.sad face


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