Cameron Dallas was arrested for filming a YouTube video

Cameron Dallas was arrested yesterday in a wonderful act of #20DaysOfDallas. He seems very, very unfazed by it. If you’re keeping track that is now two Magcon stars who have been arrested for extremely stupid offenses. TMZ was the first media outlet to break the story, with a picture of Cameron in handcuffs. After being released on a $20,000 bond Cameron Tweeted this lovely gem:

TMZ reported that, “Cops arrived and discovered the entire apartment, along with everyone inside it, spattered with paint. Someone also hurled hue in the hallway.”

Cameron later got on YouNow with photographer Bryant to explain his side of the story.

“I got arrested for paint!—my hair is so long, dude,” he explained, “So we filmed a video for Kian [Lawley]’s channel, and it involved paint. We were playing a game with paint. We were like, covered in paint. Paint, all over, covered. Kian’s face looked like he was mining a coal.”

“All of a sudden we hear a [knocking sound]. It’s the police. So we open the door, and the cop goes ‘you need to step outside.'”

Cameron explained that the police were investigating a claim of battery after a woman claimed he threw a paint can off his balcony, almost hitting her. This did not happen, he says, as they never hit anyone. “We didn’t get charged for battery, because no one threw anything and no one got hurt,” he said. Cameron says when he was arrested he sat for six hours before anyone talked to him, and when his friends arrived to bail him out (still covered in paint) they were arrested too.

“I saw the thing on TMZ—no one threw a paint can. No one got hurt.” he stated again.

“It was a good experience just to show how crappy it is to go to that place [JAIL, THAT PLACE IS JAIL] and I just don’t want to ever, ever go to jail. It was a good experience to learn from it,” Cameron said in a gloriously shallow statement.

26 MGMT once again proving why they are the worst management–never let your biggest celebrity make a YouNow laughing at his arrest and saying it was “a good experience.” For his part, Cameron should release an apology and own up to how badly things could have turned out if the paint can had hit the woman. We are talking serious injury.

While Cameron seems to think this is a joke and a funny story to tell his fans, he should watch his step. He’s a full fledged teen idol now and has a new film coming up from Fullscreen. An arrest will certainly tarnish his brand, especially when very few industry execs take Viners seriously to begin with. There are plenty of other pretty, well behaved YouTubers and Viners waiting to take his place if he massively screws ups. I’ve always felt like out of any Viner, Cameron has the most potential to be successful–don’t mess up a good thing by acting like a frat boy, Cameron.

Watch this hilariously scathing video recapping the arrest from Clever News below. Thanks, Dana Ward!:


2 thoughts on “Cameron Dallas was arrested for filming a YouTube video

  1. The police should of checked to see if they did it!!! And Cam didnt mean to vandalize his own home they were playing paint twister and got out of hand like cam said he has his rights just like everybody else also the cop shouldve explained why he needed to talk to Cameron outside instead of telling him to step outside…


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