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Concept is playing a sold out show at the Haymarket tonight


A band I’ve had on my radar since The X Factor last year will be debuting new music at The Haymarket tonight. Concept gained thousands of fans before being sent home (prematurely, in my opinion) on the British show last fall, but they are continuing to gain traction with savvy social media promo. The band is led by Ben Selley with fellow members Karim Newton, Matt Goodenough (is this real, Matthew? It’s fantastic), Nathan Gittens, and Scott Dicks. (SIDENOTE AND FUN POP CULTURE NOTE, Harry Styles is Ben’s cousin. You’re welcome)

The show is completely sold out thanks largely to the band promoting heavily on social media, and a steady stream of dedicated fans. But you can expect this show to be a new beginning of sorts–if they are smart (and they are), a single release will probably fall shortly after the show. Fans who attend will also have first dibs on new merchandise including signed photos, tshirts, posters, wristbands and sweatshirts. Everything is reasonably priced because the band cares about your bank account.

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So why should you care about this band and potentially scalp for tickets tomorrow?

A) because they are extremely nice boys who do a great job at staying connected with fans via Twitter Q&A’s and follow sprees

B) because they have been working tirelessly to promote this damn show

C) this video

D) it’s being billed as an “intimate, acoustic show” meaning quality music and a tru connection with the artists

E) because I told you to

If you are feeling like you want to connect with the band you can here on Twitter and here on Facebook. From there you can easily find the other boys accounts. LET ME KNOW IF THIS POST HAS MADE YOU A FAN OR POTENTIALLY MORE EXCITED FOR THE SHOW TONIGHT.

concept band, concept, haymarket, sold out, ben selley,
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