20th century NZ prince, also known as Thomston, released a brilliant EP this week

Thomston released a proper great EP titled Backbone this week and it is every bit as good as I hoped it would be. Thomston, in case you don’t know, is quite amazing. I can support this claim by directing you to his incredible Anaesthetic video where he looks like an angel or prince ready to drown himself in misery. It’s my favorite video of 2014. Backbone shows a marked maturity from his last EP Argonaut in the risks Thomston takes in the lyrics and song structures. The most jarring and catchy song for me is “Grey” because of the song’s dark sensuality. It’s thrilling to listen to.

Perhaps it is a true coincidence that Thomston dropped his EP the same week that Jay-Z’s awful streaming service Tidal imploded, but it’s a nice statement for Spotify’s diversity and support for new artists. Without Spotify, many of us would never hear music by new artists like Thomston. After this week Thomston will drop his music on iTunes which you can buy if you are feeling generous. Currently New Zealand’s boy is in California recording and writing new music at Max Martin’s studio. He’s a little confused by how loud and weird Americans are (guilty), but he seems to be enjoying himself. He went to Disneyland this week. Life seems to be going pretty well for him. You can read about his adventures here in Coup De Main magazine.


Buy his EP next week and get into Thomston so you can truly say you were a fan before he broke mainstream.


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