There’s a Digitour Fan Club I was unaware of and it’s really cool


I feel completely inadequate as a social media celebrity blogger because the Digitour has their own fan club zine and I HAD NO IDEA IT EXISTS. But it’s true! And this month Hayes Grier is the cover boy.

DigiMag essentially reads like Teen Vogue with headlines like “Our Fave 5 Outspoken YouTubers” only instead of covering some It Girl that no one cares about, Digi writers are covering exclusively online celebrities. This is a very brilliant idea that I’m surprised no one else has thought of. Ironically for how 21st century the content is, the delivery method is 100% old school. In order to receive the magazine you have to sign up for the fan club and every month DigiMag will send you a magazine and free gifts.

DOES ANYONE REMEMBER THE 90S WHEN THESE THINGS EXISTED?? Probably not because all of you were born in ’98, but it was really awesome. I’m so glad The Digitour is capitalizing on this growing market and creating a magazine experience that is exciting and fresh, even if it’s a bit of a throwback.

To join the fan club, you’ll need a steady income of $10 a month and a credit card.

Once you join, you’ll be able to get a wide range of free gifts with your magazine. ALSO SIDENOTE: YOU MIGHT NOTICE THAT DIGIMAG HAS DROPPED MY BLOG’S NAME ON THE BYLINE. BAEWATCH IS EVERYWHERE. *cough* which one of you is reading my blog?????

So as you can see joining will probably give you stickers, keychains, posters, temp tattoos…. The list goes on. It’s quite great. Join now. I’m sure you’ll find this in bookstores by 2016 but without all the cool freebies.


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