LGBTQ ACTIVIST!! Nash Grier poses for No H8 Campaign

This week Nash Grier posted a simple picture of him with his mouth taped shut. I know this is what many of you wish he would do every day but IT’S FOR A GOOD CAUSE. Also, stop being so shady! Nash has now joined the NoH8 Campaign and it’s either because a) he genuinely loves the LGBTQ community now (and he should; we will make u or break you) or b) he has good marketing skills. I’m gonna be nice and go with option “a.”

Of course, Nash is receiving a good deal of backlash in response to him joining the campaign. After all, this is the same child who Tweeted numerous homophobic comments and made a Vine calling people with AIDs “fags”. Many feel he is undeserving of joining such a cause, even though NoH8’s founder Jeff Parshley tells TMZ he accepts Nash’s apology.

BUT, and this is a big but, Nash was only 13-15 years old at the time of his worst comments. Is he really being genuine in his support of his LGBTQ brothers/ sisters? I would like to think so. People do change, and he’s certainly become more PR aware. But he’s also what, 17? I said a lot of terrible things at 17. I was even homophobic at 17 and I turned out to be gay. So I suppose what I’m saying is, we should be a little nicer and understanding of teens who say incredibly stupid or offensive things. Not that we should excuse it. But that we should educate them (and occasionally drag them to hell and back like the Internet did to Nash) so they will understand the affects of their hateful words.

So that said, I’m glad that Nash is putting some action to his words and joining a campaign like NoH8. It would be easy to write an apology for the Huffington Post with many promises of change but never following through. But he has and in the process, I feel like he’s learned some sort of valuable lesson.

No matter what, I’m very happy to never hear of Nash doing anything ridiculously offensive lately and not getting arrested, so cheers to him for that.


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