WHAT’S IN THE BOX?! Wizard World launches premium subscription ComicConBox

Apparently through-the–mail fan clubs are back in again. Last week I wrote about the DigiTour’s incredibly awesome new zine DigiMag, and this week Wizard World announced their own through-the-mail fan club. Wizard World’s ComicConBox is a new premium subscription based service which sends fans exclusive collectibles, toys, technology, games, licensed artwork, comics, apparel, Wizard World Comic Con tickets, VIP discounts and more.

The subscription service is not contractual and starts at about $29.99 a month. According to Wizard World’s handy press release, the first box should ship on or around April 30th–so get your orders in this week if you want first dibs.

$30 might seem a lot for a subscription service, but Wizard World is promising that your money will be well spent.  “Wizard World’s unique access to leaders in the entertainment industry and some of the most popular celebrities, creators and publishers means that ComicConBox will have the best quality and variation of products possible,” Wizard World’s CEO John Macaluso said in a statement about the quality of the boxes.

It’s also worth noting that the boxes will feature “Epic Grand Prizes” in random boxes, I.E. VIP tickets and possibly signed artwork/ photos.

Overall I think the Box is a pretty kickass idea for Wizard World, and a nice way to extend tangible merchandise to fans in a unique way. Mediums are all going digital so I appreciate Wizard World thinking of more ways to engage with fans and grow their brand.

You can subscribe to the ComicConBox here, and if you do, please let me know what you think!


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