Memphis’s own Will Tucker will be performing at Beale Street Music Fest and you should support him

I’ve been meaning to write about Will Tucker for months but I’ve been holding off for a good moment. He released a new album this past January and it created a good amount of buzz in Memphis. For a city with a music scene that is a ghost of what it once was, we need an artist like Will. He’s been a student of blues since he was a child and he has a residency at BB Kings Blue’s Club every weekend.

Will’s album is really quite good, but seeing him live is where his real energy and intensity really shines. The music overtakes him and he completely feels it, in a way most artists don’t. So if you happen to be in Memphis or the Mid-South area, you would be stupid to miss his set at Beale Street Music Festival this weekend. Will’s playing Sunday at 5:25 in the Blues Tent and he will be followed (on different stages) by Ed Sheeran, Hozier and St. Vincent. So consider this a great introduction for a very talented artist that I keep waiting to hit the mainstream.

Because really, Will Tucker has everything that should be getting his music noticed. He is charming, kind and well studied on his craft. At previous Music Fests, his sets have drawn over 3,000 fans according to a nice “about me” section on his website. It could be said that Will is quite content to just play his music and stay in Memphis, but I would like to see a Memphis artist get some nationwide recognition.

Will isn’t the typical kind of artist~ I write about on here. He’s not really into promoting on social media, beyond Facebook and you’re more apt to receive a really nice email from him inviting you (plus everyone on his newsletter) to his set at Music Fest this weekend like I did today, instead of a Tweet. So in many ways, Will Tucker is old fashioned in his pursuit of getting his music heard. Maybe this is why he isn’t receiving thousands of screaming fans at every show, but YOU SHOULD ABSOLUTELY CHECK HIM OUT.

He’s also encouraging supporters to nominate him for Best Memphis Musician so please click here if you would like to do that.

In the meantime you can purchase his album on his website for a cheap price of $15 and it’ll come signed too! OR you can check it out on Spotify and download it on iTunes. Either way, support this lovely guy. I would like to see him go places and get some more recognition.


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