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Aubrey O’Day and Shannon Bex are coming for your scalps with DUMBLONDE

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If you’re like me and you were extremely disappointed when Danity Kane broke up (again) then please direct your attention to dumblonde, the new duo-group from Aubrey O’Day and Shannon Bex.

“We’re doing a duo now,” Aubrey explained in an interview with MTV recently. “We went through ten years together in Danity Kane to bring us to this point and we’re so thankful for our past and we’re so excited for our future.” Aubrey went on to explain that they have a visual EP coming out this month and they’ve shot six videos so far. “We are excited to show our fans a new era, a new sound. We’ve been taking from the past with a lot of 70s and 80s references and bringing it into the future.”

There had been whispers and hints weeks before the official announcement that a new duo was coming from Aubrey and Shannon. TMZ even threw in speculation that the music would be a mixture of Tove-Lo and Charli XCX. The new music, as I see it, will probably be more like Donna Summer meets modern dance music. In other words, just what music needs right now.

A few weeks ago, on April 11th, dumblonde held a listening party for their forthcoming EP and according to one of Aubrey’s biggest fan account Twitters, @AubreyODaysArmy, the songs are pure fire. A limited number of tickets were released for fans and critics, but from what I’ve heard the reception has been extremely positive.

Currently dumblonde is not signed to any label that I know of, but Aubrey is not stranger to releasing music independently. Her first solo EP “Between Two Evils” managed to crack the number one position on the iTunes pop charts, and solidified that she can make it on her own without a label backing. If dumblonde plays their cards right, and get a good amount of media on their side, the same thing could wind up happening for them too. As soon as more details are announced I’ll be posting them here so keep an eye out! Objective blogging aside, these ladies are going to slay.

In the meantime, you can follow dumblonde on Twitter and Instagram. And then be sure to give Aubrey and Shannon a follow on Twitter.

UPDATE: dumblonde has been signed to a major label with a deal that will give them lots of promo for the upcoming EP as noted by a nice fan in the comments. Get it, girls!

aubrey o'day, dumblonde, visual ep, shannon bex


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