One Direction fans are planning on releasing No Control as a DIY single

Perhaps you didn’t know that One Direction has an album out and a few good singles that have barely received any radio play. For this reason, 1D fans are banding together to release the fan favorite “No Control” as a single–with or without the band’s management’s support.

The project was started by four women–all over the age of 30, because ya know 1D fans come in all ages–to promote that the band has, as one of the leaders Sheena explained recently, “changed and moved on from the ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ days, but the general public hasn’t been aware of it due to the angle being presented to them.”

The main purpose of the project is to not only get the song released as a single, but for the single to be number one through downloads, radio play and Spotify streams. The Directioners have formed together as a militia to Tweet YouTubers, radio DJs and other well known artists in hopes that they will speak out in support of the single. A quick look at the 1D Street Team Tumblr will show an organized movement of action for the fandom.

“Basically there has been a feeling in the fandom for a while that Four has been overlooked as an album, and badly promoted by 1DHQ, with only two songs being released and no plans for anymore,”  Sheena told Digital Spy. Since the campaign started, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan have both Tweeted their thanks for the fans’ support and the song has jumped to number one on Billboard’s trending charts.

It’s an interesting movement that definitely reflects fandoms as a whole at the moment: nearly any fan with internet access believes they know what is best for their favorite artist. Go to any message board or internet community, and you’ll find hundreds of fans criticizing an artist’s management for the terrible choices they’ve made for their client. One Direction’s fans are definitely the loudest in this movement, but I’m skeptical over how much traction they’ll actually gain. After all, Directioner’s as a whole are pretty polarizing.

The real question is, does One Direction actually want this to be a single? The lack of promo and attention to singles could simply be because the boys are in need of a break. I think it’s pretty fair to say that the band is in the middle of an image rebranding; Four is their most mature album to date. But it’s a damn shame that they haven’t been able to plan out a great performance or music video to do this album justice.

What I would LIKE to see is One Direction literally kill it this year with promo, great live performances, and a terrific fifth album minus Zayn. I have always not so secretly loved them and clearly 2015 has been a rough for them, but it would be nice for a fandom to give the guys’ a new injection of passion for the band.

The project is set to wrap up in time for the Billboard Music Awards this Sunday. LET’S ALL TUNE IN THIS SUNDAY AND SEE HOW THIS GOES, SHALL WE?


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