Fullscreen releases a “teaser trailer” for ‘The Outfield’; they’re lying

Last week Fullscreen Features released what they claimed to be a teaser trailer for “The Outfield”, a new film starring Nash Grier (recent LGBTQ ACTIVIST!) and Cameron Dallas. They are apparently very confused as to what a teaser trailer actually means.

The “trailer” is actually just a shot of Nash jogging into the field of a baseball diamond with dramatic music playing. You only see his back. Is it even Nash Grier?? AN INVESTIGATION WILL ENSUE FROM FANGIRLS.

The film only has a very vague plot description available online and absolutely no other form of promo. Unlike Expelled which ran their promo tour flawlessly, Fullscreen might want to drum up the publicity A SMIDGE MORE.

Here is the description, in case you were wondering:

The Outfield’ is a coming of age story that follows three varsity baseball players, as they enter their senior year of high school and navigate difficult choices on and off the field. Social media personality Nash Grier makes his acting debut as Jack Sanders, one of Illinois’ best centerfielders. Cameron Dallas, social media star and actor, stars as Frankie Payton, Jack’s childhood best friend. Actor and comedian Joey Bragg rounds out the trio as left fielder Austin York.

Various outlets are reporting that it will be released in theaters in 2016, and if so, I’m praying for whoever is making these decisions.

If you would like to watch this amazing, award winning teaser trailer then please press play below:


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