Pop star Tone Damil is still slaying with her lifestyle blog


Norwegian pop star Tone Damli has the perfect life. She records fun, fluffy pop songs as her day job, looks like a model and runs a lifestyle blog on the side. Tone’s blog is one of my favorite things to browse late at night while I imagine what I would do with all the money she has. (The answer is I would do nothing different because her life is the epitome of decadence.) In one blog post, Tone shares her apartment, which is on the market (in France??). It looks like a Versailles palace. I screamed. I cried a little. Wiped some tears with my $1 bills.

In order to detail such a fabulous life the images have to be perfect, obviously. Tone has an excellent photographer because every single picture on her blog is in great quality with a clear focus and beauitful colors. My art school side is coming out, but seriously, these pictures are to die for. So, why am I writing about this on Baewatch? Because if you are interested in the glamorous life of classy pop stars, Tone’s blog is THE blog to follow. I can’t read half of the blog posts because I do not read Norwegian too well BUT who cares when the pictures are so gorgeous.

Below are a few of my favorite excerpts from recent posts. This month Tone has been posting pretty regularly so go give it a look. Also if you are interested in the music, I recommend copping her album “Looking Back.” It’s magical.

tone damil, style, fashion
Killing it in Cannes
(fans myself)


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