For $50 Hilary Duff will send you a care package (including her new album)

Tinder spokeswoman Hilary Duff has a new album “Breathe In, Breathe Out” being released soon and in order to get your coins she’s releasing it in an innovative~`way through Fanjoy. The album is being packaged as a “care package” which includes a physical copy of “Breathe In, Breathe Out”, a t-shirt, some lip balm, a tattoo set and a ‘personal letter’ from the Duff herself.

Fanjoy is a service that allows artists to pick their favorite brands or items to ship to fans in new packages every few months. Hilary’s will be a one time only deal, and unless she steps her ass up in promo, she’s probably not going to sell very many. This is a bit disappointing when I think about a what bop “Sparks” is and how easily the song could have really been a hit if she had a) performed it live on TV and b) released a video that wasn’t an ad for a dating website. I mean, shit this year she’s had some of the best style and music of her career.

But enough of my grouching, let’s get to WHAT’S IN THE BOX!!!

his package includes:

  • Hilary’s Physical Album + 4 Bonus Tracks To Download
  • An Exclusive Breathe In. Breathe Out. T-Shirt (Unisex Shirt Chart Size)
  • Hilary’s Custom Tattoo Set By Tattify
  • A Handmade Bracelet From 31 Bits
  • 9 Photostrips From Hilary By Social Print Studio
  • Hilary’s Favorite Lip Balm From EOS
  • A Personal Letter From Hilary

The biggest question I have is….is Hilary going to be sitting at her desk personally transcribing thank you notes to every single fan who orders this? OR will these just be pre-printed letters with fans’ names at the top? Because personal thank you cards would be CUTE and the least she could do after the mess she put us through with “Sparks” and that single that will never be mentioned again (“Chasing the Sun”).


Hilary, if you ever read this, I’m being catty because I care.


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