Exclusive interview with Suite 16’s Thomas Alexander: ” Our music is good-vibe songs and catchy melodies”

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Suite 16 are a brand new boy band hailing from Norway and they have good reason to be creating some buzz. The band is comprised of five boys found last year in a boy band competition, and they are Andy, Alexandru, Thomas, Kevin and Vemund. Their recent single “I Don’t Think So” is a nice addition to the boy band catalogue of love songs, but it’s also the start of something very exciting: a boy band with true potential to be great. Suite 16 as a whole have great style, they can sing really well and they are extremely nice boys. Their songs are also excellent summer tunes, and their videos are quite fun too.

I caught up with Thomas to talk about how they formed, his favorite single and what is next for the group. Read on for this short and sweet interview!

Hey Thomas! So, let’s start at the beginning. How did Suite 16 come together as a boy band?

Hey Braden!

About 8 months ago our label, Eccentric Music, hosted a competition called “Project:Boyband” where boys between 14 and 20 years who could sing and perform could apply. All of us came through, and were chosen to be in the band!

How would you all describe your music to someone who’s never listened? 

If we had to describe our music to someone who’s never listened to it before, we would say that it’s faithful to the typical “boyband” genre. In other words: good-vibe songs with cute love texts and catchy melodies . And easy to sing along too 🙂

Easy to sing along to is essential for pop concerts! You’ve released some amazing singles, and ‘I Don’t Think So’ is one of your best. Which single is your favorite and why? [ED. NOTE!! 7 Days is also pop gold and highly recommended]

Thank you so much! Really nice to hear that you like it!

I definitely believe that “I don’t think so” is the favourite song of all of us! It’s a tune with a hook that’s irresistible not to sing along to, and we all love the sound of it. We love the summer, and we think that this song sets the perfect summer mood!

It absolutely does. Especially the video! So if you had to choose… Who is the biggest prankster in the group? 

Andy Hawk is definitely the biggest prankster in the group. But believe me, when we take our revenge, it’s often a bigger prank than what Andy have done. Haha! 😀

You all have a great relationship with your label-mates. Is there anyone you all look up to on the label or who is making music right now? 

We really do have a great relationship, both to each other and to the other artists in our label and to our management and producers.  I believe that we all look up to all of them actually, because they’re so good at what they do, and we really want to make it like them one day!

 Lastly, is there any message you would like to send your Suitehearts through your music? 

Well, of course! Even though our music consist of random lovesongs, we want to spread happiness and joy through it. We want to tell our Suitehearts how beautiful they really are, and at the same time, give them some good vibes they can enjoy with friends, family and  themselves!

Our suitehearts are the best

Thanks to Thomas for such a lovely interview! Go pick up ‘I don’t think so’ on iTunes NOW and give the boys a follow on Twitter. Thomas can be found on Twitter here


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