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EVERYONE JUST CALM DOWN: Nash Grier is headlining Digifest Chicago today

Everyone’s favorite Viner Nash Grier will be headlining Digifest Chicago today and his meet and greet has literally one ticket left. Several hours ago the Digitour wrote a Facebook status that Nash’s meet and greet had six left and those tickets still haven’t been bought. So if you are a Nashty girl, perhaps you should get your parents to hand over $100. NOW.

Anyway, this Digifest marks a return to form for Nash: he will be joined by fellow Magcon m8s Sammy Wilk, Jack & Jack, Aaron Carpenter, and Matthew Espinosa. Only people missing are Shawn Mendes because he’s on tour with Taylor Swift (admirable) and Cameron Dallas who is off being a movie star or radio show host or whatever it is he is doing this week. Some other kid who toured with an RV but is now irrelevant is also not included. Unfortunately if you want to meet all of these boys you’re going to have to do it separately. For $100 each.

But hey, those selfies don’t pay for themselves!

I really don’t know what else you get with $100 but I’m sure it’s something nice.

Anyway, the show is tonight so I request you go and tell me all about it. When I went to Nashville Wizard World and Nash was there everyone was incredibly nice. I’m sure all of you will have fun. Don’t trample anyone. Don’t cry too much; you want your picture to look cute.

Tickets can be purchased HERE.


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