Video leaks showing Viner Carter Reynolds trying to pressure his ex into giving him oral

Today a video leaked of Vine “star” Carter Reynolds pressuring his ex girlfriend into blowing him. I would not recommend watching it–I won’t be, and you shouldn’t either. But we SHOULD talk about how there is an epidemic of Viners who are sexist, rapey (Curtis Lepore, for one), homophobic people like this guy. Carter, in case you don’t know (and why would you), got his start in Magcon, a meet and greet convention I’ve written a lot about on here. I’ve heard firsthand accounts and many whispers that Carter is insufferable to work with and extremely rude to fans who pay $150 to meet him. Out of all of the Magcon boys, Carter has consistently been the one who writes offensive and outright ugly Tweets about POCs, LGBTs, and women. He also complains weekly about “haters”.

So, none of this surprises me.

As the best gossip site in the world Oh No They Didn’t writes, the video is just as awful as you’d imagine:

In the video Maggie says, “You’re making me so uncomfortable” and “I don’t know if I can. I don’t think I can” while Carter says, “Do it. Just pretend nothing is there.” He also says, “Stop! Stop!” when she starts saying she’s uncomfortable.

While we don’t know the full story of the video (and what happened once the camera was cut off), I would like to point out that this is a prime example of what rape culture is. It’s tricky for us to legitimately call this rape because nothing is actually being done in the video but unfortunately many girls (and guys) are put in forceful situations like this and feel like they can’t say no. Pressuring someone into performing a sexual act on you or with you is what leads to rape. You could say that perhaps boys like Carter need a good lesson in this: that even if you are married or dating someone, that does not give you license to pressure them into doing anything they don’t want to do even if at first they seemed interested. The appropriate thing to do in a situation like this is to immediately stop asking, turn off the camera and talk about it. But I don’t feel like boys should have to be educated on this.

So what happens now? If I were any of Carter’s friends (and sadly he has many who are also popular Viners), I would immediately distance myself from him and call him out. If I were the DigiTour or a backer for his failed meet and greet con The Carter Tour, I would immediately pull out. If I were his management 26 MGMT (which did a glorious service to Nash Grier when he was outed for his homophobic Tweets), I would immediately drop him. This is not something you can excuse or brush under the rug.

As expected Carter would like to “speak with everyone involved” before giving fans the full story. Everyone involved would be your ex, bro.

He’s also apologizing for any weird~~ Tweets that might be popping up:

I really don’t care what Carter’s excuses are. You shouldn’t either. What I think we should be discussing is, why are we giving young boys so much power and money when they are clearly abusing it? Why is Vine creating a culture of hate, rape and homophobia? Vine could be an excellent platform to push what we consider celebrity and entertainment. Unfortunately, oftentimes it is used by boys and men to make fun of minorities and laugh at women. What is perpetuating this culture?

And if you are a girl who is defending him, please remember that there is never an excuse for a man trying to pressure you into having sex or giving him head when you are not comfortable. It’s your body and your choice. Not the choice of a douchebag who believes he owns you.


8 thoughts on “Video leaks showing Viner Carter Reynolds trying to pressure his ex into giving him oral

    1. You’re fucking dumb. He nearly raped his underage girlfriend on camera, and God only knows what happened after the recording cut out, but you should not let your little teenage crush get in the way of seeing that what he did was wrong and not something that his young girls audience should consider “something that all couples do”. This cannot be taken back no matter how many ‘sorrys’ and ‘I love you’s’ that he says to us.


      1. Go INNNNNN, Lauren!!!! It’s disturbing how much his fans like they know him–enough to defend this awful behavior. I don’t want to think about what else has happened that we don’t even know about it….


  1. Don’t get be wrong I love carter on vines but pressurizing someone to preform sexual acts who is even underage is wrong,I understand they were in a relationship or whatever but it doesn’t matter,no meens no. I’m not going to deny I will still support carter as he does entertain me but just because I enjoy his vine doesn’t mean I suppor twhat he did.


    1. Yeah, it is incredibly wrong what he did. What’s most unsettling is how he did not want to even acknowledge *why* it was a bad thing. He won’t entertain that it is sexual harassment, although he will say that is “wrong.” Hopefully he’ll take this as a huge learning lesson and wise up.


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